I would like to respond to the comments made buy a KULR 8 story. Their website limited the response comments and therefore, I chose to ask you to consider my comments to their story “BILLINGS REACTION TO DEBT CEILING DEBACLE”.


As Montanans, until we come to grips with the growing “Approval of Centralizing Government” we will never see a reduction in our outlay to feed Government.


As I see it, Government has one purpose: “To provide what we as Individuals are unable to provide”. Example: Roads, safe drinking water within a community, Law-Enforcement (on a limited bases) etc…


 How do we pay for these, we contribute by taxing ourselves. The question is, how do we as a community define, “To provide what we as Individuals are unable to provide”?


I his interview, CBS anchor Scott Pelley asked President Obama if he could guarantee that Social Security checks would go out in August if House Republicans refused to raise the national debt ceiling. Obama replied,


"Well, this is not just a matter of Social Security checks.  These are veterans' checks; these are folks on disability and their checks.  There are about 70 million checks that go out... I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd, if we haven't resolved this issue."


Seventy million (70,000,000) government checks!  In a population of 309 million, almost 23% of the population is receiving some kind of check from the federal government. WOW!!!


For those that think that "money happens," there's simply no limit to the things that should be paid for by the government. 


If you look at the pie charts in the instruction booklet for your Form 1040 page 97 (out of the 179 pages) , you'll see 25% of the income to the FEDERAL TAX comes from “Social” Security (an oxymoron) , Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment and “other retirement taxes”; 26% from income taxes, 40% from BORROEING to cover deficit, 9% from other sources.


The question is how, do we as a community define, “To provide what we as Individuals are unable to provide”? My definition of Government.


Well according to the from 1040 pie chart, 34% is “Social” Security (an oxymoron), Medicare/Medicaid and “other retirement”, 21% “Social (again with the name SOCIAL) programs”, 22% National defense, veterans and “FOREIGN AFFAIRS”, 15% Physical (unknown), human and community development (are we growing HUMANS ? ), 5% on interest (on the 40% we keep borrowing to cover the DEFICIT), 2% Law enforcement and “General Government”.


That’s 34% + 21% and some part (unknown) 15% “Physical, human “development” or over 55% plus the unknown part of 15% OUTLAY (paid out).


Here is the bad news for conservatives who think Obama is leading the nation down the path to socialism: the barn door is open and the cows are long gone.  We are a “Socialist” nation and have been for some time ( ABOUT 100 YEARS) .  Conservatives who think Obama is a Marxist and an anti-capitalist radical are in my opinion (supported by facts) correct.


Also correct is that he, Obama and many others, represent an actual constituency of tens of millions who care about nothing other than the fact that “the government check is in the mail”. This is a serious problem for us as a people seeking to cut the FEDERAL budget and restore fiscal sanity.


Thank about this, if we look at “Government as that which should provide what we as Individuals are unable to provide”, then at the Federal level we should “Provide” what the “STATES” can not “Individually”, such as Border Protection and Customs protection…and the “STATE” Government we should “Provide” what the Local Government (whether County or City) can not “Provide”, such as State Roads, Safe Drinking water or State Law Enforcement….and NO Government should be required to “Provide” those things that WE as Individuals can provide for ourselves, such as “Income” to pay our way in our community.


Sometimes “LIMITED” assistance is necessary for a “SHORT’ period to help those in our community to get back on there feet but not LIFE TIME Care; unless that’s how WE as a community define Government ? (“ To provide what we as Individuals are unable to provide”)


My questions to those who read this are, why do you live in Montana? What is the difference between you and someone in California or New York? Have we lost our Identity as Montanans? If so then why not just erase the state lines and be done with the whole, you know “United States of America” thing.


That’s my thoughts.

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