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What's a Moderator to Do?

What does a Mod do here at Command Center?  

Those that have been here a while know that putting out fires is a big part of the job.  Member argue and at times we need a person to step in and settle everyone down via a post or an email to the folks.  





Moderating requires you to read the comments in all the discussions!  Why?  You'll be looking to put out fires, but you'll also be looking for trolls!  Trolls are evil!!  They come here with an agenda and the intent to disrupt the site.  Some trolls are obvious but there are the subtle trolls who are hard to spot.  When a post makes you go...."WHAT???"  Click over to the person's profile and see what else they've been posting on site.  When in doubt, let an Administrator know there might be a problem and we'll check it out.  All trolls should be reported to Admins for removal from the site.  If you can't get us at the time, post the information in this room and we'll get it there.

Welcoming new members is one of the Moderator's responsibilities.  We try to get everyone welcomed on the day they enter the site.  It is a good gesture to also send the new member a friend request to make them feel wanted here.  Of course, there is a free gift you can add to their page if you want to go the extra mile!

The driving force of a social site is the discussions.  I would like all of the Moderators to contribute at least 2-3 discussions a day.  You can find discussions anywhere on the net.  The Blaze, Breitbart, Drudge, The Hill all are good resources. Everyone has their favorite news sites!  Do try not to duplicate what someone else has already put up on site.  If you stumble on a really hot breaking story, let an Admin know about it because we might want to broadcast it to our members immediately.  Do remember, if it is not original material, just use 3 or paragraphs with a link.  If it is original material, please please check your grammar and spelling!  We can not share anything that is not spelled correctly or that is grammatically incorrect!

The final duty of the moderator is the chat room.  We want to increase chat room participation and I'd like to have the Mods drop in and start a discussion when they are on line.  It helps the members see you as more than a picture and, quite frankly, the chat room is the first place troll usually heads when they get on site. If you are there, we might catch them before they can hit the discussions.  We are going to set up a schedule of chats and events on site.  You will need to check the calendar to see what is coming up.

Don't panic if you run into a situation and you don't know what to do, just get in touch with an Admin on Yahoo Messenger, email or post your concerns in the comments here and we'll find it and address it with you or for you.  Short of a total site lockout, there isn't anything that can't wait for an Admin to handle it.

Thank you for volunteering to help monitor the site. Just remember, it isn't brain surgery...you are allowed to make mistakes! Don't sweat it and have some fun with moderating!!!

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  • Welcome aboard David good to see you take your time and stroll around the site to get used to it.


    head to greet now...

  • Any mods that happen to be on today keep an eye on this guy, he joined yesterday and all he wants to do is play in chat.  Seems to want to stay on that narrow line of violence, we need a Civil War, that kind of thing.  Let's keep an eye on him.


    Contact Ralph or myself if he gets out of line please.

  • All mods, we need to pay attention to posts.  A good example is this guy;


    Can anyone say troll?

    And he was in chat today and posted this:

    George F Beltz youpeople are all crazy. Obama's been a terrific president under miserable circumstances -- much like Reagan

    George F Beltz's Page
    George F Beltz's Page on Tea Party Command Center
  • People can set their pages to private Brenda, the only ones that can see that info with the padlock on it in that case is an admin.  Is there something about them particularly?

  • About PM

    eMail AddressPrivate
    Do you acknowledge that you are an American Citizen, and that this website is by and for Americans?Private
    Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?
    How did you hear about TeaParty.org?
    Email forward from Friend
    Do you agree Obama must be removed from Office?
    answer private
    Mitt Romney is the Nominee, will you vote for him to defeat Obama in 2012
    answer private.....{ What should i do with this one}..Brenda.
  • Hi Brenda, FACEBOOK BANNED THIS, I GUESS IT'S TIME FOR FACEBOOK TO KICK ME OFF THEIR SITE AGAIN. (please circulate, thanks J.C.) The last two minutes of Hannity's interview with the family are amazing. 

    Facebook Censors Navy SEALs to Protect Obama on Benghazi-Gate
    Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot. Most of us that use Facebook are quite familiar with being put in their penalty box or completely banned from the site by Mark
  • 4086177491?profile=original

  • Back on Facebook one day, now look,

    Friend Requests Suspended for 30 Days

    You sent multiple friend requests to people you don’t know, so you are blocked from sending friend requests for 30 days. 

    Sending repeated friend requests to people you don’t know is considered harassment, and is against Facebook’s Community Standards. Please don’t do this again. 

    Please visit the Community Standards to review Facebook’s policies.

  • Does Bible code predict President Romney?
    Memo to Gallup, Rasmussen, Zogby and all the other presidential pollsters ...

    Hang it up – the race is over. The final result was written down by Moses nearly 3,500 years ago in the Book of Deuteronomy.

    That's what a well-known Bible-code researcher says he's found.
    Read the latest now on WND.com. 
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WE ARE GLAD YOU HAVE JOINED US IN OUR FIGHT TO TAKE BACK AMERICA Please check out the following links to help you navigate the site, use the features available for posting and to adjust your e-mail settings: http://teapartyorg.ning.com/page/member-tips http://teapartyorg.ning.com/page/website-navigation-tips http://teapartyorg.ning.com/group/help-desk/page/e-mail-settings If you need to Contact Congress then check out these links:  http://teapartyorg.ning.com/page/senate…

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Re: Problems Using Computer

Hi Guys....I ran into a situation for a few days which really knocked me out...I was posting in Face Book (our Face Book page as it happens, when I got a message from Face Book that they didn't like what I was posting..Regardless of whether we like the content or not, Face Book didn't, considered it a violation of their TOS, and refused to let me post comments.. I was restricted for 15 days.. Ouch:(By nature, what we post is all about politics, most often about what President Obama is doing to…

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Yahoo Messenger

We ask that all moderators have Yahoo Messenger so we can communicate in 'real' time. If you do not have it, please down load it now. You can locate the program at:  http://messenger.yahoo.com/download/ I will need everyone to add their messenger ID name to this discussion.  My ID is: dllutz2002 Unfortunately, I get quite a few requests and if I don't know it is you, I won't approve you.  Post your ID here and I will friend you!

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