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What's a Moderator to Do?

What does a Mod do here at Command Center?  

Those that have been here a while know that putting out fires is a big part of the job.  Member argue and at times we need a person to step in and settle everyone down via a post or an email to the folks.  





Moderating requires you to read the comments in all the discussions!  Why?  You'll be looking to put out fires, but you'll also be looking for trolls!  Trolls are evil!!  They come here with an agenda and the intent to disrupt the site.  Some trolls are obvious but there are the subtle trolls who are hard to spot.  When a post makes you go...."WHAT???"  Click over to the person's profile and see what else they've been posting on site.  When in doubt, let an Administrator know there might be a problem and we'll check it out.  All trolls should be reported to Admins for removal from the site.  If you can't get us at the time, post the information in this room and we'll get it there.

Welcoming new members is one of the Moderator's responsibilities.  We try to get everyone welcomed on the day they enter the site.  It is a good gesture to also send the new member a friend request to make them feel wanted here.  Of course, there is a free gift you can add to their page if you want to go the extra mile!

The driving force of a social site is the discussions.  I would like all of the Moderators to contribute at least 2-3 discussions a day.  You can find discussions anywhere on the net.  The Blaze, Breitbart, Drudge, The Hill all are good resources. Everyone has their favorite news sites!  Do try not to duplicate what someone else has already put up on site.  If you stumble on a really hot breaking story, let an Admin know about it because we might want to broadcast it to our members immediately.  Do remember, if it is not original material, just use 3 or paragraphs with a link.  If it is original material, please please check your grammar and spelling!  We can not share anything that is not spelled correctly or that is grammatically incorrect!

The final duty of the moderator is the chat room.  We want to increase chat room participation and I'd like to have the Mods drop in and start a discussion when they are on line.  It helps the members see you as more than a picture and, quite frankly, the chat room is the first place troll usually heads when they get on site. If you are there, we might catch them before they can hit the discussions.  We are going to set up a schedule of chats and events on site.  You will need to check the calendar to see what is coming up.

Don't panic if you run into a situation and you don't know what to do, just get in touch with an Admin on Yahoo Messenger, email or post your concerns in the comments here and we'll find it and address it with you or for you.  Short of a total site lockout, there isn't anything that can't wait for an Admin to handle it.

Thank you for volunteering to help monitor the site. Just remember, it isn't brain surgery...you are allowed to make mistakes! Don't sweat it and have some fun with moderating!!!

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  • I might be being too sensitive here but is this a little threatening? Reply

    by only1way2win 15 minutes ago

    If you dont trust glenn beck,who do you trust,he is all there is left,you better rethink that statement. GLENN BECK IS ALL THERE IS,REALLY !.Why did he leave fox news-they wouldnt let him tell the full truth,fox was afraid.

  • OK chaps and chapesses I think we need to keep on top of Dee's otherwise excellent "Tomorrow You will be Betrayed by these Two Men" It's getting testy and some of the comments are again close to Threatening an elected official as Terri jumped on! http://teapartyorg.ning.com/forum/topics/tomorrow-you-will-be-betra...

  • Not sure this is an appropriate post as it defines a communist society...indeed the poster if so naive, hes harmless. However, if he is intelligent enough to realize a cooperative society is code for a communist society then he's a troll.  http://teapartyorg.ning.com/forum/topics/south-africa-has-a-new-con... Have a look and let me know what you think?


    Add in groups and photographs!  There are comments being made there too.  If you go to the front page and look on the left of the screen near the bottom, you will see recently added discussions.  Look at that top and it says Top News".  Beside that you will see "Everything".  If you click on "Everything" you can see literally everything....including new comments being added!  I use this feature to watch comments all the time.  It's a helpful tool!

  • Hi Dee,

    I was in the north over the weekend, and had very little chance to access the internet,  but when I did, I tried to keep up.

    I have to say, I spend hours on this site every day.  I don't spend a lot of time in the chatroom, and usually if I check in there, there is a moderator taking part.  I do spend lots of time welcoming, and reviewing comments in discussions.   It's amazing how many comments are being made during the course of the day-almost impossible to keep track of all of them.  It might be easier if each moderator could "own" one of the discussions and keep track rather than everyone trying to keep track of all comments.  Sometimes someone makes and off color comment, and it's the writer just erred and never makes another.  If I find one questionable, I usually go to the member's page and check  to see if there's a pattern.  If not, I'm inclined to let it go one time. 


  • Re:  Email to mods. 

    This whole discussion took place not in chat but on one of the discussions on the forum.  Jim disagreed with Jan, which is fine.  However, he then proceeded to call her names and tell her to F--K off.  This is a personal attack on another member.  We will not tolerate name calling and personal attacks.

    It appears to me mods are spending plenty of time in the chat, but we need to remember blogs, forums and video comments as well.  Especially in issues which may become heated.

    Often just a gentle reprimand right on the discussion itself brings them in line.  Edit the post if necessary.

    The discussion is here


    This member is a bit confused on somethings, but has me asking myself,"where are the Moderators?" 

    All our members clearly are not candidates for sainthood and need to be moved toward civility by us. Clearly, this man is one of them.  And, he needs to be put on the watch list so everyone can follow his comments. 

    Yes, we want to promote free speech, but I have to believe there are others that need to at least be watched, emailed or have a comment posted after them. 

    One of the primary responsibilities of a moderator is to make sure our members aren't out of line with their postings. 

    Yeah, I know it is boring work but I need you folks reviewing all the comments in the discussions and blogs.  Actually, the blogs need to be reviewed to make sure they aren't against site rules!

    If anyone has ANY questions about what a moderator's job is, please let us know!!  Posts like Jim made to Joy make us all look bad.

    Thanks for all you do,



    I received the following email:

    Really FOUL & INSULTING language from Member, Jim Fogarty

    From Joy Daniels Brower to You

    Dee, I've been a member on this site since its inception (when Darla was still Admin), although I admit to falling away for a couple years, 'cause I changed email addresses and got really bogged down on other sites!  But recently I rediscovered you, with the excellent new name, Tea Party Command Center (!!) - and (until last night's unexpectedly upsetting exchange with a Jim Fogarty re the discussion about CPAC's NOT hosting Pam Geller this year), I've really enjoyed & appreciated what this site has become!

    I can carry on discusssions with everyone - and often things can get VERY lively!  But I never revert to name-calling or using foul language, and I refuse to get into hissy fits with anyone!  However, I was almost tempted to last night - in fact, I told Fogarty that I intended to report our exchange, and, in particular, his last response, which was shocking to me (a 72-year-old widow and normally well-behaved person!).

    Please check it out and let me know what your decision is.  If "conversation" and insults like that are allowed (thereby encouraged) on this site, I might just reluctantly drop out and spare myself the stress of seeing & reading his childish rants ever again.

    Thanks, Dee, for listening to my complaint.  Fogarty's rant was truly upsetting and totally unexpected - to say nothing of uncalled for!


    Joy Daniels Brower


    Palm Springs, CA


    Joy Daniels Brower's Page
    Joy Daniels Brower's Page on Tea Party Command Center
  • Gregg, I've been following his posts. He is exactly what he appears to be. I commented on several of his posts. Unless he becomes a problem I am OK with him being here for now. He is a great example of why we are here. He will give members fodder and a direction for their frustrations.

    I say at least wait and see how he responds to mine and Terri's replies.

  • After having a chat with Terri, I had a look at one poster called http://teapartyorg.ning.com/profile/DonaldTurnbull. I reviewed his posts critically and I think objectively. Based on the definition on this page, I believe David to be a Troll. In support of this conclusion I would point out his left wing extreme devils advocate stance to any issue which has a TP stance/ideal at its heart.
    In particular I would point out this post with regards to Keith Ellison on Hannity. His position is so far to the left of TP ideals its beyond DEM. For example -
    "Wow. There you go, huh? Y'see, from what I observed, Ellison was quite relaxed and just telling it like is. The truth, and it IS the truth, is that the sequester is NOT down to Obama - see here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/02/20/the-powerpoint-tha... and here http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-20086598/boehner-i-got-98-per... - and that it is was Hannity that that was putting the frighteners on what was otherwise a couple of quite rational speeches with the whole Omen soundtrack cliche nonsense."
    or -
    "And anyway, since when was a president repeating themselves such a crime? Oh, that's right, since 2008. They do it all the time - I believe it's called a stump speech - but George Bush II said it best when he once let slip 'In my line of work you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again, for the truth to sink in. You gotta catapult the propaganda.' That was OK then - what changed? That a POTUS is telling the truth and y'all want to stop him?"
    On reflection I feel Donald is determined to cause an argument, upset or provoke a reaction with TP members. Therefore, is a Troll by definition. I therefore, suggest that although we should support and protect the concept of free speech we should also create an atmosphere where TP policy can be constructively discussed, refined and organized.
    With this in mind, I personally believe Donald Turnbull should be removed from the site.
    I obviously hope you all take the time to review other posts from this Australian poster and I will of course understand the decision either way of the group and administrators.
    Best Regards

  • Just want an opinion on this one:

    (I haven't welcomed her yet)

    Terry Hyland posted a discussion

    Justice Roberts

    I went through the process just to say your article about Justice Roberts was despicable! Though I agree with much that the Tea Party stands for, this article was beneath you. After this
    Terry Hyland's Page
    Terry Hyland's Page on Tea Party Command Center
This reply was deleted.
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