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    don,t trust any dark skin people they have a deep set resentment for light skin people and no i am not a bigit i am 64 years old a draw on the school of hard knocks, if ben is elected the same thing will happin just like obama except this time he will distroy the USA as we know it now.

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    Take aim, take a deep breath, let a little out, and pull the trigger. That's what needs to done with all of obama's gestapo, ICE, DHS, FBI, IRS...... all of them, it's time to clean house, overturn these unjust laws and anti- constitutionalism.

    Emailed first and only warning.

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    She needs to be brought out to the village square, prosecuted for treason by the people of this nation, and hundred until dead and left until sundown to hang by the neck as an example to all others who wish to be enemies of the constitution and the people of The United States. End of discussion
    I sent him a warning letter.  No threats on elected officials.  This will be his only warning.
  • I think we have to be concerned about Carter Sellman, hes a little schizophrenic in his posts but can be both controversial and disagreeable...

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    Is the Queen of England still friggin? I thought she was too old for that!

    You know as well as I do the only way to stop all this bull is REVOLUTION.

    I overheard someone say shotgun ammo is difficult to find now....must have been a Demonrat spreading propaganda! It's easy to get if you know where!

    I completed a NRA shotgun training course yesterday and am ready to rock and roll.....eight in the magazine and one in the chamber!

    Unlike Demonrats I can back up my words with positive action.

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    Feb 17, 2013

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    If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?
    Anything I can do to help
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  • Hi all!

    I have noticed in the past some of the comments made by Donald Turnbull and wondered.  This morning I noticed a reply in which another member told him to seriously run to a shrink, so I reviewed some of the past  comments.   His comments are troubling.

    Wow. There you go, huh? Y'see, from what I observed, Ellison was quite relaxed and just telling it like is. The truth, and it IS the truth, is that the sequester is NOT down to Obama - see here: and here - and that it is was Hannity that that was putting the frighteners on what was otherwise a couple of quite rational speeches with the whole Omen soundtrack cliche nonsense.

    And talking of frighteners, have you no memory of the last REAL frightener-in-chief? Were you hibernating? Did you miss this? ? Or this: ? Or this ? ) ?




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    <a rel=nofollow href="" target="_blank"> /><br />
    Enoy!<br />
    <br />
    Ah, history! Interesting one day, fascinating the next!<br />
    <br />
    Play nice, y'all<br />
    <br />
    Don T." _setvalueurl="">And here's an article about how the 2nd Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery!
    Ah, history! Interesting one day, fascinating the next!
    Play nice, y'all
    Don T.


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    Play nice, y'all<br /><br />
    Don T." _setvalueurl="" _emptydescriptionerrormessage="Please write something for your reply.">Liberals principle of tolerance is based on reprecosity in that they will tolerate the tolerant, but there is no guarantee that they will, or should, tolerate the intolerant. Tea Party Conservatives, however, are intolerant of the tolerant and everyone else that does not identify with them and that way, my freinds, fascism lies.
    Play nice, y'all
    Don T.


    Keith Ellison Has Epic Meltdown on Sean Hannity
    Rep. Keith Ellison came out swinging tonight telling Sean Hannity that he is the worst excuse for a journalist he's ever seen, and that was before th…

    New member, within an hour tried to create a group.


    Came in chat and told us he was trying to educate members who didn't understand.   Left when I told him I would NOT approve his group.  Keep an eye on this one.  Probably a troll.

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  • So-here's another one- from Barry Wind re:  Menendez   "This sounds like typical Cuban jargon and I should know I was raised in Dade county Florida and I can tell one a mile away. Get this guy out of your government as soon as possible. He will cause you nothing but trouble. He is taking Castro's  play book and brought it to America. Run from this guy as fast as your feet will carry you."   I can imagine a certain feeling among Spanish speakers that they are being disrespected for that statement.  I don't want to act like the Gestapo, and I feel like we have to quash "political correctness" but I do understand how this might be construed. . .

    I did respond personally to Bradley Bryant Hill for a very insulting comment he made about Catholics "He's just an old crazy Catholic and doesn't know too much about his religion.

    He also believes in the "deed doing" for getting to heaven.  NOT!  So, I can understand that he may believe in Reincarnation as well.  Like I said, Catholics only hear what the Priest say and believe it and don't know or care to know what the bible (God's word) says to them because if he did, he would know that he is a priest before God.  Book of Hebrews.  I'm proud of myself right now.  I only wrote a paragraph on this subect.  LOL"

    Mr. Hill truly doesn't know as much as he thinks he does and his comments about Catholics are unnecessary and insulting to Catholics, imho!!!


    • Right, everyone has a right to their religion and not have it run down by others.  Freedom of religion and religious tolerance is what the US was founded on.

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