We need to team up with Oathkeepers.org

Oathkeepers is a nonpartisan organization of military, police officers, fire fighters, etc.  These men took an oath to uphold the constitution and protect we, the people, first and foremost.

Our rights are being taken away, and the constitution dismantled. 

Criminal Charges have been filed with the FBI by Jane Burgermeister against WHO, UN, Baxter Ag, Avir Green Hills Bitechnology, President Obama of US, Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sibelius, Dept. of Health & Human Services, with evidence of bioterrorism using the H1N1 vaccine for mass distribution.

Did we hear about this in the mainstreem media??????

Ms. Burgermeister also filed an injunction in the US to stop forced vaccinations.  This was denied!  Go to www.safetylawsuits.com for more information. 

People of all parties must stand together on this, including the protectors of the public, State Police, Militia, county and local law enforcement must work with the people of this great nation.  We must act now!


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