We need to step it up Michigan

I am shocked that the most recent discussion is almost 8 months old. 

Is there another Tea Party group that is more active in Michigan? Although the idea of removing the president seems like the solution its not. We can only protect or Rights, Constitution and the Republic by changing the society that we live in. Education is the key and we must be in educators! 

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  • Check this page-you might find it helpul:


    Start A Tea Party
    Start Your Own Tea Party Group For Free Here are some suggestions on how to start a Tea Party and then add your group on our Command Center as a Tea…
  • There are lots of active groups in Michigan.  I'm part of the Western Washtenaw Tea Party.  Our website is way out of date-and it isn't even listed on Teaparty.org!  But-I'm hoping that we'll get that remedied soon.  

    You might want to check out this site for Michigan groups near you-


    • I will look into that. Do you know how to start and/or get approval to start a local Tea party group?

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