I see a lot of nonsense like" impeach Obama, get rid of this, get rid of that, change this, change

that". This is unrealistic. We need to come together to support, and get elected, real conserva-

tives at all levels of government and with the numbers that can effect change. Set goals that

are realistic not idealistic.

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  • I agree, since I got involved with the Tea Party movement I've been bombarded with mail from other Tea Party groups and misc. conservative groups and politicians asking for money for different causes. We won't get anything accomplished until all of these groups come together with a common cause which I believe would make us stronger. We also need somebody to lead this cause, one voice to answer to. This is all getting very frustrating and confusing for me and I feel like my money is being wasted. SOMEBODY TAKE THE LEAD ON THIS !!

    • Thanks for your response Steve.  I am rapidly becoming disenchanted/disgusted with all of the

      incessant articles sent by the Tea Party. Not once have I  seen an article referring to how to reclaim

      America from the libs/democrats.  What I see is silly, irrelevant nonsense. I realize that no politician

      will hold all the views I do(what a pity), but, some are close. I can support them.  The Tea Party needs

      to adopt this attitude instead of nitpicking.

      I live in Md. which is rapidly becoming one of the most radical of states.  Where is the Tea Party, or

      any other group, mobilizing to identify, support, and promote conservatives for office.

      With the democrat party in the process of self-destructing, now is the time we should be uniting

      in common cause and behind candidates who can take the next election so our Country and states

      can return to what our founding fathers invisioned.

  • I totally agree! Lets get moving together and be heard as one!

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