I would love to get a group together to plan a tea party rally. All this ridiculous news and how people like to compare the Tea Party to those communist 'occupiers' is pathetic.

It has been a long time since I have seen a tea party rally even put into the news.. We MUST keep our statements and vision and voices heard. It is a very difficult financial time, and I would love to be able to supply everything, but my husband and I are struggling financially. So, please, let us be heard.

With all the televised comparing us and our values to those paid protestors,who disrespect our country, our police and our values, we must be out there giving the people the truth. I have spoken even to my closest friends and even my grandmother. They have NO idea what the Tea Party stands for. They only hear the biased reports, and the scare tactics by the "president" to our seniors about just letting them die and how we want to take away everything.

I am located in Cecil County Maryland, Elkton to be exact, which is right next to the Delaware state line.

Please anyone interested in helping me get this started, please contact me!! I am afraid of the future of our Country and my childrens and grandchildrens future.

We can do this.. We must be heard.

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