I believe it's time to start seeing reality. I watch and listen very closely to everything that is going on. This country is dying. I don't believe it can be brought back without a fight. I mean civil war. Literally. It's as simple as republicans and tea party members against democraps. Sorry for the typo! Though I believe my fellow republicans are too nice, too Christian, and too American to think in such ways. I guess may be alone when I say I'm not. I'm ready and willing to kill as many democraps as needed to take this country back. The democraps are so much better at playing this game to make us look bad. I see their evil very clearly. Say what you want, democraps are not americans. We need to begin acknowledging that they are not true americans and take action. Time is running out. Prepare the masses for the fight. I have my 12 gauge and i'm 100% serious about what needs to be done. Just waiting for a leader to lead. No I'm not a lunatic, I'm a realist. If you can't see what is going on and what is needed, God help the future of this country!

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  • We are fighting GOOD versus EVIL. Period. If we don't get a handle on it soon I'm afraid they may begin to outnumber us. We cannot let our country die to appease the vile 'anything goes' crowd. HOW did this happen?????? I'm with you Mark....enough is enough!

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