Stand Up!

Stand Up!

My decision to run as a write in candidate for
the United States Senate seat currently held by
Mitch McConnell hasn't been made lightly.

I had to ask myself what could I do with just
50 bucks and the truth against people with
100 million dollars and an agenda.

The answer is simple. I can stand up and tell
the truth. The truth is we are in trouble. Big Trouble.
Everyday it's more of the same. Broken Borders for our
enemies to take advantage of, or it's bad news from
Washington of more job killing rules and regulations.

Even worse, our soldiers are being left ass out to
just hang in the wind. When they've done their duty
they are repaid with deceit and death instead of the
honor and respect that is rightfully theirs.

And now we are all being told that we have to choose
between a tired old man who, after 30 years, still don't
know where the Department of Labor is, and yet another
Obama parrot who is burning up the airwaves with lies.

That's who is supposed to make Kentucky better and
stronger. It's liar versus liar and the joke, whoever the
punchline is, will be on us if we don't stand up and do
something about it.

The truth is, either one is a mighty poor choice and
must answer to their respective party. I personally
wouldn't vote for either one as dog catcher. I'd stand up
and do it myself and ask for help if I needed it.

That's how this country became great. We done those
things that needed doing. We'd stand up and do it, and
not only for ourselves but for our neighbors. That's how
we will do it again, too.

The truth is simple and I don't need a gazillion dollars to
sell it. God has graced us with this beautiful place that we
call home and the rest of the world knows as Kentucky.
We can indeed lead America if we stand up and reclaim our independence.

I'm probably not the perfect candidate. I'm the best man for
the job, though. I may well be a 5 star son of a bitch but
I ain't running no fan club anyway. I love Kentucky and I'm
sick and tired and even a little bit afraid of people who favor
agendas over you.

Sincerely Yours,
Sean Francisco

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