The Illinois flag features the central image of the state seal on a field of white (the Illinois seal features an eagle holding a banner in its beak with the state motto written on it; “State Sovereignty, National Union”). (info from statesymbolsusa.org)

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State Election Information

Statewide election dates

March 17, 2020: Primary
November 3, 2020: General election

Offices on the ballot

Below is a list of 2020 Illinois elections covered by Ballotpedia. Follow the links to learn more about each type.

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House
Congress special election
Other state executive
State Senate
State House
Special state legislative
State Supreme Court
Intermediate appellate courts
Local judges
School boards
Municipal government
Ballot measures
Local ballot measures



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  • I am gathering people from around our great land to pray before we act. I know that we all have ideas of what we want to happen. I believe that so much needs to go into saving this great country and our sovereign states. That is why we need to pray before we act. Our live prayers are every Sundays at 8:30 Easter time. We will be having a special prayer on Wednesday, 8:30 pm, Eastern because of the inauguration. Our YouTube channel is, Living Tree. Look up the video "Creek" and we will pop up. Blessings. Let's do this together, led by the hands of God's mercy and strength.
  • Hey Fellow Deplorables, thought i'd pass on a political t-shirt website that my buddy recently launched called Red Appetizer. His designs are geared for conservatives (pro right, pro Trump, anti left). He's operating a one man show and this is an opportunity to support small business rather than the BIG BOX companies. Some cool designs and free shipping! https://redappetizer.com
    Home Revised - Red Appetizer
    president trump accomplishmentsSigned the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history!Record number of regulations eliminated!Numerous record…
  • You have lost all credibility Leah. If you are going to bad mouth other candidates you should do your home work first.

    Ron Paul DOES NOT hate Jews. He doesn't just want to cut off aid to Israel, he wants to also cut off aid to Israel's enemies and all other nations that we give aid to for that matter. Do you even know that we give 3X as much aid to Israel's enemies than we do to Israel. So if we stopped all aid, it would actually help Israel.

    Stop listening to people who just make stuff up. Do some actual research based on facts.


  • Ron Paul is the one candidate that absolutely WILL make a difference. That's who's got my vote.
  • Kirk seems to be another Chicago politician. He get's an F from the NRA. Robert L. Zadek might be worth a look?
  • http://hubpages.com/hub/Obama-ness
    How much more do we have to take before we do something !
  • Check out how bias the News Media has been http://www.mrc.org/specialreports/uploads/obamaomit.pdf
  • Sign the petition to have Scott seated at once. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/seatscottbrown/
  • In epic upset, GOP's Brown wins Mass. Senate race
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Your infidel taxpayer dollars at work! The dome on Capitol Hill will be gilded in no short order. Where is the separation of mosque and state? Head slap! There s no separation. Mosque is state. (hat tip Creeping Sharia)The Congressional Muslim Staffers (CMSA) – a group we told you about numerous times now (read previous posts here), and their leader Jihad. Well, he chose the name Jihad it always seems to be abbreviated to J. when the media is around.Folks – this is the United States Capitol…

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 I've provided professional services for over 30 years and operate a couple small businesses.I got involved in politics a while back as an independent and enjoyed considerable success as a outspoken critic of my "collegues".......all of them.......which earned me their undying hatred.  Politicians don't like to be privately or publicly described as useless, self-serving, self-interested, self important, unimaginative parasites unqualifed to lead a trip to the john. I've seen politicians "up…

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