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  • Can someone tell me how to delete pictures that are on My Page?  Thanks.




  • Can't you guys simply send ONE email/day with links to various sites? I'm tired of receiving scores upon scores of email from every single admin, comments from others, etc... It's quite a turn-off for some of us who have lives that extend beyond the keyboard to have to come home & wade through all these when we conceivably COULD respond to ONE and go to whatever link we want. Thanks
  • Why do my blogs NOT allow a Reply to a posted comment?

  • Here are several items

    • The Senate Contact llist does not tell which Numbers are for FAX and which are for Phone.... Sure, I can figure it out by comparing with the House list AND assuming consistency, but it should be fixed
    • The main page requests that we report spam but gives no clus about HOW or where... adding a link would be nice.
    • The main page refers to Dr Savage as endorsing this Tea Party.
    • How many are there?
    • How to tell them from each other?
    • How to unify them?


  • I just joined a Group.

    Is there any way I can SHARE new blogs with them; or ALERT them?

  • I just joined a Group.

    Is there any way I can SHARE new blogs with them; or ALERT them?

  • I keep getting the 15 minute thing and the post does not go down in minutes? Will it ever post. It is facts that are given on the site!

  • I've belonged to the Tea Party for a few years and have only posted my master email account but for some reason copies of everything also goes to my yahoo account and every few months I have to unload the entire mailbox.   I never gave the yahoo account as it is the one place that gets hacked consistently thus I won't use it for mail.    HOW to I remove this setting ?   Yes I went to preferences .. Yes I went to my profile and only one email appears... the AOL account.     HOW do I remove the yahoo email address when it's not there ???    Thanks and would appreciate some help.     I am not a novice at resetting preferences... but this one has me stumped.     Thanks bunches


  • When I joined Tea Party I just assumed that the Blog postings were reserved for Tea Party members that were selected by Tea Party or professional bloggers. I examined the section on blogging, but found no clear policy, which of course re-enforced that belief, and yet I was somewhat confused as to the fact that member profile sections did have a sector named "my blogs."
    I therefore have been for the most part content to merely comment on existing blog posts. However, I thought that I would test the waters and see if member participation in actual blogs was a member options, and lo and behold, I found that one of mine was actually posted. Why not? I have had published magazine articles, mostly historical, and have had interviews in which I was featured as a knowledgeable source.
    Now what I want to know, is there or is there not a select group that is chosen for blog postings, because it seems that my single blog posting was never followed by the posting of another one.
    I do not believe that this is because of my inability to research and post informative and articulate writings that are basically not in contradiction with Tea Party doctrines.
    So what I am asking dear friends is; What is Tea Party policy, and should we be participants, or should we be content to merely comment on existing postings

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Removing photos from "MY PHOTO's"

It has been two days in a row so far that the systems are now allowing me to remove my own photo's. I remove those that are dated, no longer relevant and for the purpose of updating them so they are current.I click on on delete photo...............and then get the message to leave the window open until it is deleted.............but it just doesn't delete them. What is wrong here?

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