• I, at first had this problem. I said nothing and in 2 days it was okay. Not sure what causes it, maybe a check on what is said? Now I get that 15 minute thing where those minutes never go down? I also posted that here. I wonder if the Tea Party is still what they suggest they are, for America and our freedoms? We will see, if your problem is removed and mine.

  • I had my desktop attacked by China hackers 4 years ago, two weeks after George Bush told the media that a General was recruiting hackers in China to fight against Americans! Now this site does not work! I cannot even comment. I have Norton as a protection but it finds nothing.

    • I had McAfee at that time and the attack could of been fixed for 80 bucks, according to them. I bought another computer as was tired of the attacks and paying. I am at 26k annual income. Now this site does not work?

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