We need greeters, to greet all the new incoming members. 

We also need moderators.  We need people out there monitoring the discussions as well as blogs and the chat room too.  You would need to watch for discussions that go south, trolls, members abusing other members and the like.

If you are interested in either of these please respond to this thread telling us which of the two interests you.

Thank you,

Admin Team

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  • I hope you got my reply.  When I clicked on "reply" it responded with "saving.." ~Maynard Merrell

  • I don't know exactly what it intails, but being a greeters sounds good, but first I must to get back into the Tea Party.  Somebody took me out and is keeping me out. I see no reason for this unless the person is an unAmeican, enemy infiltrater that doesn't share in my Constatutional Conservative idiology that I have been using against the communists and new world order people for over 60 years, and right on this site also.  Check my posts. In this fight we have enemies and we have friends.  All peoples in the Tea Party are not friends, even though they may say that they are, this is why it is so important that we all must know our enemy, otherwise we can be mislead and doomed. We don't want that, do we?  This is also a redson to make certain that moderator are real patriots, because if they're not, they can knock real patiots right out of the Tea Party and the fight.   This is why I will jump on anyone who appears to be an enemy until proven otherwise.  It is better to be safe than sorry. In combat we learn to watch our rear as well as our front. 

  • Terri, I'll be glad to be a greeter. I already greet on 4 other Ning sites so one more won't add that much to the load.

    • Thank You!! I am exstatic to see someone REALLY earnest & believes in being an active true American (Patriot).!! I thought I was one of the few. I may sound like a nut-but all this crap going on is enough to make one crazy- not insane- crazy. Thank you again! Do you know how and who I can contact to make several points regarding this looming doom & gloom economic cloud over freedom??


      Mary Ann West

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