Due to a lack of activity on the old group, I decided it was time to make a change to one the will actually be used. Memes are a great way to express yourself, and also a great way to annoy a liberal. Please add your memes here in the discussions. Be sure they are tasteful. (No pornography)

Anything not meeting the guidelines of tasteful will be deleted.

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  • Hey Fellow Deplorables, thought i'd pass on a political t-shirt website that my buddy recently launched called Red Appetizer. His designs are geared for conservatives (pro right, pro Trump, anti left). He's operating a one man show and this is an opportunity to support small business rather than the BIG BOX companies. Some cool designs and free shipping! www.RedAppetizer.com
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    “First commemorative pens now these commemorative toilet paper earrings. She must be drunk. https://t.co/H9ssbShSpI”
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