Who is running for Office?

I live in Cape Coral and just wanted to no if we could start a Discussion on who is running for office from small town to big Gov. Here in Florida. Or is there already a site up with this info? I would like to be able to find out info on these people before I Vote.Just a though!!

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  • Right about the time you posted this, I got into the race for Mayor of Gainesville. It was a non-partisan race against a sitting city commissioner who was the darling of the local Democratic machine. I lost by 42 votes in a runoff a couple of weeks ago, although some of my supporters have filed suit because there were some highly questionable votes cast.

    The biggest obstacle I faced, however, was voter apathy. In the general election there was only a 14% turnout. In the April runoff, it was up to 16.75%. As turnout got better, and in the best precincts (up to 42%) I did the best. I raise this subject because the powerful depend on us to opt out and not pay attention. My opponent was not a very bright guy who NEVER effectively refuted anything I said in the debates. But he was gay, so the Gainesville Sun focused on any anti-gay thing that they could find instead of the issues. When people found out what the issues were, they got mad!

    I don't believe the election will be turned over, but I believe I do have the momentum to get elected next year. And more conservatives are running for other seats as well because they saw how close it was! People are beginning to believe that the powers that be can LOSE!

    So, support your local candidate who wants to return the power to the people. So far, 83% of Gainesville still does not care. But it won't take much of a bump to overcome the voters who support big, stupid, local government.
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