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I know the people that developed Voter Voice and they are trustworthy.  They will not share your information, unless you specifically give them permission to keep you updated on future action alerts.  I'm helping this group with the editing of these email alerts. 


It will only take a few minutes to fill in the form, but will make a big difference in how the Senators view the will of the voters.  Moms must take a stand and let our elected officials know that they MUST BE fiscally responsible and MUST respect the will of the voters.


Here's some information about what we are currently battling:

In the last year (since the people voted down Rail in 2010), the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) authority has given up its rail aspirations and has made steps to streamline costs and pare down inefficient routes to provide transportation to the transit-dependent.  To survive in an era of dwindling property tax revenues, they have enacted reforms such as freezing wages, requiring employees make a contribution towards their health insurance premiums, and laying off redundant administrative staff.  They have plans to raise fares so riders pay more of the costs that taxpayers are currently shouldering.


Contrast this with Pinellas’ transit agency PSTA.  PSTA’s answer to shrinking tax revenues was to raise their property tax rate to a rate 50% higher than HART’s!  They did not attempt to slash spending and live within their means.  In January, PSTA also announced plans to build a lavish $1.7 billion light rail system that would require an ADDITIONAL $100+ million a year of taxpayer dollars to operate.


In order for PSTA to qualify for federal funds( more DEFICIT spending we cannot afford), they need to show phenomenal ridership numbers.  This is a problem since demographers anticipate that Pinellas county’s trend of decreasing population will continue for the next 20 years!  Therefore PSTA needs Hillsborough County’s robust 30% growth rate in their corner.


So, Senator Latvala and his partners in the efforts to OVERTURN the ELECTIONS of 2010 want to MERGE the two seperate County Agencies to beef up ridership numbers.


 ...They have a problem however, because the HART board has rejected this idea with three resolutions.  PSTA and HART already collaborate with seamless bus service across all three bay bridges and already realize quantity discounts on joint fuel and vehicle purchases.


SB 1866 pushed by Senator LATVALA requires HART and PSTA must meet to formulate the merger and bring the plan to the SENATE by February 2013!!   Additionally, it requires HART to meet TBARTA goals within 7 years...including LIGHT RAIL...YES...the same LIGHT RAIL that HILLSBOROUGH residents already REJECT!  


STOP Senate Bill 1866!!


Thank you for taking a few minutes to contact your Florida Senators through this powerful tool.

In Liberty always,

Karena Morrison

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