While our medical system does need reform Obamacare, otherwise referred to as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), is not the answer for the following reasons:

It is unconstitutional.

In any industry, competition should drive down costs and drive up quality of service and create new jobs! By the government creating a monopoly for health care services it will drive up the cost and affect the quality of care!

Many companies cannot create new jobs because of the costs involved with becoming compliant with Obamacare!

It will make all our medical costs go up for our employers who will then pass the cost onto us, their employees.  My husband works for a major corporation and we recently found out our deducible went from $500.00 per family member to $900.00 per family member!  So for my family of three this has resulted in our medical costs already rising to $1,200 per year!

Fred Deluca founder of Subway appeared on CNBC recently and said if he tried to start the very same business today “Subway would not exist” due to burdensome government regulations that seem to continuously increase. He said other small business owners have also been impacted by the payroll tax hike, most experiencing a roughly 2 percent decrease in sales. Additionally, Duluca explained businesses are bracing for the increased costs that will come with “Obamacare,” adding that any cost increases will be passed along to customers through higher prices.

Subway Founder Blasts Gov’t Regulations: ‘Subway Would Not Exist’ If I Started My Business Today
All of us will have the shedding of innocent blood on our hands based on the fact that The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called Obamacare, in order to comply with the accounting requirement, plans to collect a $1 abortion surcharge from each premium payer. 4

4 Source:  Fact-Check Web Site Re-Confirms: Obamacare Funds Abortions

The foundations for health-care rationing and even so-called death panels may have already been quietly laid in largely unreported sections of President Obama’s health-care legislation, rationing concerns based on age, race, and ethnicity.

Do a Google search on “death panels” in Obamacare and you will find plenty of news stories on this subject. Here is one story to get you started.

More evidence of 'death panels' in Obamacare

Also, take time to listen to this phenomenal speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson who mentions the death panels in Obamacare right in front of President Obama!

Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama


Please pass this information on to all your contacts and groups!

This is the last stand in the fight against the Left’s health care takeover. Without the state exchanges, ObamaCare cannot function.

Go to FreedomWorks Block Exchange page at

For those who live in the state of Florida, recently Governor Scott changed his mind, and broke his promise not to implement ObamaCare in Florida by announcing his plans to expand Medicaid in Florida.

Please contact Governor Scott and tell him how you feel about this!

You can email the Governor at this link:

You can call the Governor at this number: 850-488-7146

Together we CAN make a difference for His Kingdom and America! Blessings until we meet again.

In His Service,

Donna M. Rogers

Founder of Angel of Love and Light Ministries

Board of Directors Save America Foundation State of Florida Director

State of Florida Coordinator for The Black Robe Regiment

Watch your thoughts because they become your actions, character, and ultimately your destiny...

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