Did anyone ever call Ted Deutch or Wexler's office and get the we'll get back to you or he's too busy to talk to you or we vote what ever the President wants? Deutch and Wexler forget they work for you. I had called both asking them certain information and my last call to Deutch's office was about the Mosque at Ground Zero. Deutch is just repeating what Wexler did and not answering even when I sent him a letter asking him about Ground Zero and how he stands with Israel and Jerusalem. With my last call to Deutch, his staff repeated his policies saying who cared about what Jews in Israel want. Just give the Muslims the damn city and you'll have peace. Well when the Muslims had the damn city there wasnt peace but the war of 1967. Many J-Street Liberal Jews, such as Wexler and Duetch (who are both Members of this organization), are run by self-hating Jews. Generally I never write against Jews since I am one myself but there are those who are traitors to Israel. Deutch voted for Obama's healthcare bill and is an ass kisser of this Muslim. He is for Shariah Law so he disrepects women.


Today I went to an Act meeting. I had no idea that Joe Budd was even going to be there. First of all I never heard of Joe Budd but I got to know him very well personally. He spoke and as he did his speech, it was from the heart and no papers or notes so everything was straight forward with no BS. I hate policial BS. I heard for the past 7 yrs BS from Wexler and then his hand picked drone Duetch. Wexler takes pictures with attoneys so that they can accidently drop the picture in front of Judges to show they have politcal clout. I had called Wexler after I saw this and said I want to take a picture with the congressman too and I was hung up on. Wexler also took large campaign contributions from the Festival Flea Market so they would have the mold, mildew and other health violations overlooked including of removing of stores in the middle of the month on month to month leases and not refunding money. Wexler would not have them investiaged even with the fact the Sherrif of Pompono Beach has a Mini-station there and helps the owner Leslie remove the store owner. I personally wittnessed the removal of a store. I am sure Deutch, Wexler's buddy is following the same suit.


I like I said I met Joe Budd. Joe Budd does not feel  America should tell Israel how to govern their country. First of all, the ones who are telling Israel what to do aren't doing such a hot job here governing America. Duetch has done nothing for Florida but give us a Healthcare Bill in this Bankrupt state that will kill the little money Floridians have for food. But why should Deutch care he has the best health care our tax money could buy for him? Joe Budd is against Obama Care. 


I am going to put on this Blogg who Joe Budd is:


Why I'm running....

Our country is staring down some of the greatest threats, both domestic and foreign, that have ever faced this nation. We are in the midst of a troubled economy plagued by high unemployment, a continuing housing crisis and unsustainable national debt levels! We face threats from a foreign enemy of radicals hell bent on destroying our way of life and that of our ally Israel. These issues threaten the opportunity for future generations to enjoy the same prosperity, safety and freedoms past generations have fought so hard to preserve.

We need leaders in Washington who won’t blink in the face of these threats. Fiscal conservatives who will face the economic issues with an honest evaluation and then have the guts to make the right changes. Strong leaders who will identify and confront our enemies while standing firmly with our friends. Principled leaders who can be trusted to do what is best for their constituents and not what is best for themselves or the party they are affiliated with.

Some may say that I lack experience. I say they’re right! I have no experience in playing partisan politics.
I have no experience being owned by big business or special interest groups. I operate a business where unlike the government I cannot spend more than I take in. Therefore, I balance my checkbook weekly. Like other small business owners who have experienced the ups and downs of economic cycles, we do not rely on bailouts. In the face of problems, my experience is the same as yours and every other generation of Americans throughout our history, we roll up our sleeves and we work tirelessly, we sacrifice and we overcome. We did not grow up in the age of entitlement.

The progressive movement is endangering the future of our children and grandchildren and must be stopped. District 19 is overwhelmingly democrat and your loyalty to the party has been taken advantage of. Look no further than the election of President Obama. This district voted for Hillary Clinton 2 to 1 in the 2008 primary yet the voters were betrayed by Robert Wexler who had made an early endorsement of Barack Obama. I spoke with Ted Deutch several times during the special election primary and he’s a nice guy, but he has publicly stated that he fully supports the policies of our President. Unfortunately, those policies are bad for America and have led to a deterioration of our relations with Israel, high unemployment, bigger government, record deficits and cuts to your medicare benefits. Our freedoms are at stake as our government continues to exert more control.

It is for these reasons that I have decided to run for United States Congress and ask that you will allow me the opportunity to serve District 19. I promise to serve you the only way I know how, with the honor and integrity that every American deserves. God Bless!

Joe Budd

Candidate for United States Congress

Florida’s District 19


Remember Deutch is Obama's Bitch ... and I approve of that statement

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