The Beginning-Teaching a Continuing Purpose

To realize that we are not to be governed as inferiors, we need to recognize that we were created equal by a Supreme Being. We are not a piece of " something" that developed into a human and have relative value. Stalin said " we cannot have Communism without believing in Evolution'. Hitler's antics were appropiate if you believe in Darwin, with the subtitle of his book on evolution being "and the survival of the superior races." Bill Clinton's dog-like sexual habits are appropiate if you believe in evolution: there being no God. The religion of the East and West coast elites, secular humanism, begats their hatred of the working class. This is the basis of the fight over school books and the reason our nation is being eroded. A belief in evolution! Needed by the elites.

First, we must realize we are children of the Living God and that the Bible and the Son proclaim Him. Thus, we have a function. If you cannot agree with the above read the New Testament, constantly and sincerely asking God if He is who the Bible says He is. If you end up by not believing in Him, fine. Christians should never hold any sincerely held belief against you. You can be my friend! Some of our Founders did not believe, but they were wise enough to want to live in a Judeo-Christian society.

We need a continuing purpose, and  declaring the above is the only Way.. Do not rely on the teaching of churches as most are social evolution organizations, often built on emotionalism. Note that many minorities built their lives around their church, but lacked enough spiritual insight to realize Obama was who he said he was, a evolution believing, Black Liberation (marxist), American-hating (Judeo-Christian.) The Berean Call (www. Berean is one of the few sources of information to the Judean-Christian worldview that I have found. Blessings!

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  • Yes, at least the Judeo-Christian worldview. The other worldviews should also, in my opinion, be taught. A course on "Worldviews" would be very appropiate in my mind. This course would, necessarily deal with a study of origins. The Bible states that "man perishes for lack of knowledge" and that is certainly what is happening to-day. Who understands that the basis of Nazism is evolution. I remember it well, as we covered our windows with blankets at night, as I was a pure Aryan in appearance and felt I would be safe. A pillar of communism is evolution, and secular-humanism, socialism, or marxism are only variants of the teachings of Nietzke, Lenin and Stalin. Sal Alinsky, a radical communist, is admitted by most in this administration as their guiding light. Let us expose it all, not Hide the Judeo-Christian ethic as is done now. Cheers.
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