Does Rick Scott care about education? Most of the time, no one even answers the phone at the governor’s office. I think the most effective way to get our message to him is to call his political director and campaign. Please get everyone calling and overwhelming the campaign so Scott starts listening to the people of Florida! Our kids need to be his top priority. His actions matter not a commercial of him hugging his grandson. Please send this to all of your contacts in Florida.

Please call and leave a message if no one answers:
Christian Butterfield
(305) 491-2389
Central Florida Political Director
Scott for Florida

I contacted Mr. Butterfield 2 weeks ago regarding education in Florida. I told him 3 supervoters will be sitting out the election in November because of Rick Scott's lack of involvement in education. I got Butterfield's phone number off of an email protesting Rick Scott in Sanford. Butterfield said Rick Scott cares about education and they just have to work on the messaging. He said he was going to have the education part of the campaign call me within the week to discuss the problems with the educational system. I have NOT received a call from them. I left a message for Mr. Butterfield to call on Wednesday and no reply and I just tried again and no one picks up the phone.
Rick Scott cares about education and our children? I don't think so.
Please call Mr. Butterfield and let him know where you stand on education and voting for Rick Scott in November. Issues to include:
1. Kids are learning math wrong so they won’t be able to compete in college and jobs requiring math skills. Many science careers require 2 to 3 years of calculus. If it takes the next generation 5 minutes to write out and answer simple math like 12 plus 13 that should be able to be done in their heads, then how will they ever do complex calculus problems on college exams in the short period of time allotted for tests?
2. Every course requires an end of course exam for teacher evaluations – it’s too much pressure on kids when the tests can be 30% of their final grade. And in Algebra, the kids must pass the state test to graduate – even if they are passing the course, a failure on the end of course exam results in a failure of the course – one test determines all.
3. End of course exams are computerized and should give immediate scores like the GRE does yet kids and parents are worrying and waiting for weeks to see if they pass a course while the FLDOE debates a passing score.
4. To bump up school grades, kids are being placed in AP classes when they don’t request it and not allowed to leave when unable to do the college level work and are failing.
5. End of Course exams are going to be given in every course. So now every teacher will be teaching to a test all year in every subject. Even electives and PE will have exams.
6. High school kids take biology, algebra and US History end of course exams in early May and then have to sit around in classes until June doing busy work because there is no more curriculum to be taught. The curriculum is crammed into the year and rushed so the tests can be administered in May rather than ending with a final exam in June.

Please make the call. We have to make our voice heard loud and clear – prioritize our kids and prioritize education.

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