State Rep Abruzzo nerve was hit Busted!

I was up late last night trying to read what everyone is writing and I was composing another brillant article on our Liberal friends about the major mistakes they  are making. Let me make this very clear I am a Democrat but I am NOT Liberal and I feel that this government should not wipe the rumps of the stupid lazy people who can't get ahead, don't want to get ahead or make mistakes so they don't get ahead.

In the late 90's to the early 2000's, what is called the wetlands or the acreages were the hot spots in the Palm Beaches. People fought over buying lands there. There is a reason for why it's a wetland. This is an area where the land filters itself and animals lived there in peace. But no, the so called environmentalists who are the liberals here today came down in droves and bought properity and built homes on lands that contained natural radiation and natural toxins. Did they bother to do a land test?  NO, they built homes, moved in and now their children have brain cancer. Not to add the fact that each child in that area has a cellphone (radiation) and that they are glued to the ear on the phone like their parents plus the computor which has radiation. They dug their water wells, they didnt test the water for radiation and they drank, cooked and bathed in radiation. You can filter the water to drink from but you can't filter the radiation. The past few years these Liberals who bought this land and pushed out the animals who lived there and destroyed the ecosystem of the area now want the Florida Government to help them. 

Reason why I am saying this is Liberals want the government to handle all their mistakes.


Another homestead area is Oakland community where they found toxic land on ground around the homes. The builders with the Wellington Permit inspectors signed off that this land that is was safe to build on (dead presidents talk when you are a large builder) allowed homes to be built on this toxic landfill. A purchaser was smart enough to have the land tested after what happened in the arcerage and found lead and mercury on the land, demanded their money back and bought across the street in my community where there is no mercury or lead. (My land was tested before I began to build and bought.) Instead of tearing down the existing homes they (the builders) dug around the homes and filled it in with non toxic soil and retested. It passed and then sold the houses at below market prices. This is a Democratic government in Wellington. The mayor is a Democrat so is city counsel and so is the "commisioner" who is a builder also.


Last night I had someone contact me about Abruzzo on why he was not in his office in Wellington. Abruzzo has been a Rep here more then one term and I am sure he has more then one staff member. For the past 6 yrs I have been trying to get the hell out of Florida due to the corruption of this state. So my mind was set only and concentrating on selling this home, not on politics. I sat back and watched everything. I didn't say a word and you learn by observing and listening. I never had a need to go and see where this Abruzzo's office was and I wouldn't have if he didn't send me a survey and invited me to come to this Wellington Office if I had a question. I didn't have a question, I just was bringing a survey over since my stamps and tape was packed away. I am moving tomorrow.  I drove over to this "Community Center" which is behind City Hall. You would think as a Community Center it would be free, no you have to pay therefore it's a country club.

First question came to my mind why would a State Rep have an office at a Community Center hidden away from the public. There are numerous office buildings and stores vaccant that would be easy acesses for the public to go to and visit the this Rep.  But his office is hidden and you have to pass through a locked door where a receptionist sits with a guard. So he makes himself unavailable. When I called 2 times here in Wellington, once in the morning and once in the evening after I recieved this survey there was just a recording. I had called him in the past about his stand on this Obamacare and he never called me back. I called his Tallehassee Office 3 times no answer same recording. So I decided this is my time to pay Abruzzo a visit and see his office.  There was no one there and I was told sometimes he is there but you can find him at the pool or at the tennis courts most of the time.


Yesterday on here, a person who just joined the answered me. Her name was "Stephanie Ryan", a red flag by new person making a comment on my wasteful spending article of a country club office. She knew too much about Abruzzo. She said he's in the Captial. Hmmm she has his schedule. Then she went on to say he (and only Abruzzo) handled the cancer problem in the acerage (when there was 2 other reps who worked on this). Of course I am the bitch the Liberals call me, I see a cut and I begin to dig and dig by comments like that is your problem you bought the property and it's your fault for not testing the land. I needed to make her angry to bring out the Liberal comments. And it came out. YOU TEAPARTY PEOPLE ARE CRAZ. I WAS TOLD ABOUT YOU TEAPARTY PEOPLE. Interesting that is what all the Liberals say when they are cornered. Then I said you work for Abruzzo and as she was talking I did a PI scan on her name. NO STEPHANIE RYAN was listed in the acreage but there was an 88 yr old in a nursing home and I am sure it wasn't her up that late.

Abruzzo, stupid we are not in the Tea Party. You tried... only I am not falling for your political sham. You tired your political guilt trip like Obama.. Mrs so and so has cancer and no health care. Medicaid kicks in if you dont have Medical insurance. All the BS I hear from you Liberals who are socialists. I am not going to take care of that lazy woman or man who refused to get off their ass to work. I worked when I couldnt get a job after my husband died. I sold AVON! This is BS and i dont want to hear this crap!



some of the pictures of Abruzzo's office


Tennis courts




Village park


peaceful water sanctuary


4 baseball fields, 2 batting cages, concession stand/rest room facilities

Do I have to go on?



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