Good evening,
We are reaching out to all the Florida tea party, 912and grassroots groups in our state to try to get you to help us with theRestore Justice movement. Senator Carey Baker has reached out to us andneeds the grassroots help. This is about the Florida supreme courtjustices and what we can do to get more constitutional justices on thebench. Here is a brief background.

"After Obamacare was passed, Florida's lawmakers passed the Health Care Freedom
Act, giving Floridians the chance to vote on a constitutional amendment. However, our courts
canceled the vote and silenced our voices. Judicial activism eliminated your right to let your
voice be heard.
Each year we get to vote on whether to keep certain judges. Two of the Supreme Court
Justices who voted against health care freedom are up for vote: Jorge Labarga and James
Perry. If a majority of Floridians vote for their removal, it will pave the way for Floridians to
have a chance to vote next election on preserving our health care freedoms.
This is our chance to send a clear message to judges throughout our nation we will not
tolerate having our voices silenced in deference to the whims of judiciary. As long as Justices
Labarga and Perry are on the court, we may never be able to pass amendments to protect
health care and other freedoms. Visit for more information."

Justices Canady and Polston should be retained as they voted to put it on the ballot. Weneed all the Florida groups getting this information out to yourmembers, neighbors, friends, family and co-workers as well as to othergroups in your area. Please go to the website listed above to join (freeof charge) to equip yourself as a director/leader of your group.Everything you will need is in the toolkit section. Please lets show thejudiciary of Florida who they work for and how we expect them to makedecisions based on the law as written and not their ideology of what thelaw should mean. Please respond to this email so we have a list of whowe can count on in getting this information out to all Floridians. Letssend a message that We The People are paying close attention.

Always Watchful, Always Faithful
Sharon Taylor
DC Works For Us
Broward county, Florida

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