Dear Fellow Patriots,


Below are prayer/action items for both the nation and specifically for the state of Florida too.

Would you please send out these important prayer/action items in red below to your circles of influence and ask them to do the same? Don’t forget to utilize social media like Face Book to propagate to everyone you know as well.  This way we are utilizing the law of multiplication and together we can reach more prayer activists to invoke both prayer and action in an organized, focused fashion. Thank you and have a blessed day!

Prayer/Action/FYI Items for the Nation:

FYI/Action Item # 1:

The Black Robe Regiment is mobilizing Churches and Christians

We are excited to announce that the Black Robe Regiment is mobilizing to get churches and Christians fully engaged in the issues of our culture and our times.  (To learn more about the Black Robe Regiment  or to Take the Pledge and become a member of a group named after the fearless American patriotic pastors during the American Revolution, visit the Black Robe Regiment  at

We invite you to join us in our new initiative: Voting Can Be Habit-Forming at

We all know how important it is to cultivate good habits and avoid bad ones.  With a little encouragement and practice, we can improve in our efforts to do the right
thing until good behaviors become so ingrained that they’re second nature to us.  That’s a goal we’d all like to reach!

As Christians and citizens of a nation where our votes determine our future, getting in the habit of voting is the key to making our voices heard and effecting change -- both short term and long term.  As Christians and as Americans, we ought to engage in the issues of our times and cast our ballots every time we have the opportunity.  It’s our right and it’s our responsibility.

The Bible instructs us to “…select capable men from all the people – men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain – and appoint them as officials…” (Exodus 18:21)   These are the kind of leaders we want, and they’re the kind of leaders we would expect Christian voters to choose. So, it stands to reason that the more Christians who vote, the better the outlook for our nation. 

So, how do we convince Christians to become habitual voters? Our strategy is to focus on churches like yours, where Christians gather every week to hear the Word of God and glean wisdom from you, their pastor.  You can help set the course for the future of America simply by encouraging your congregation to get in the habit of voting.

We’ve developed a turn-key program to help churches get people involved, engaged and voting.  We have tools and materials available that make it very easy, and Ministry Consultants to come along side your church with support, suggestions, and assistance. Just think of the impact Christian voters can have on our government and culture in the next ten years and beyond.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can participate in our initial roll-out of Voting Can Be Habit-Forming this Fall, visit and fill out the form. We’ll keep you informed about this effort and other upcoming Black Robe Regiment initiatives.

FYI/Action Item # 2:

Be Made Whole Website

This total wellness website was created for one solitary purpose—to  fulfill Jesus' words recorded in John 10:10 (NKJV), “…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Therefore, please share with anyone who may need help living 'life more abundantly' - your family, your congregation and with whomever God puts upon your heart.  

Be Made Whole. Net at  was created to educate humanity on how to live a fulfilled, healthy lifestyle that includes a strong emphasis on the body, mind and spirit.  The 18 wellness factors offer a wide spectrum of easily understood information on the most important topics for living a full and rewarding life from birth to old age and even the hereafter.  Please feel free to download any video from the website that might be of interest to you!  Be Made will be updated monthly so please check back regularly.  

September’s feature video is:

The Fruitarian Diet - Dr. Sanja Gupta

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Michael Arnstein, 'The Fruitarian,' an elite endurance athlete with a controversial diet. Five years ago, Arnstein—one of the best 100-mile runners in the country—became a fruitarian. "I read a book on low-fat raw fruit diet, based on fruits and vegetables,” the slight runner says a few feet from a street-side stand brimming with apples, oranges, pomegranates, mangos, and other unidentifiable-but-colorful fare. “It changed everything about me, almost overnight. I went really hardcore about it." The man, who says he was raised on McDonald's, was a solid ultra-runner before taking up fruitarianism. Now, he's elite. "I just ran 100 miles in 12 hours, 57 minutes. I'm in the top 10 all time, ever," Arnstein says, sounding astonished at his own fruit-fueled capacity.

To view this video, access the following link:

Prayer/Action/FYI Items for the state of Florida:

FYI/Action Item # 1:

Grace: God's power to love and obey - September 19-21

Speakers: Carlos Sarmiento & George Sotolongo
Worship: Joanne Gomez

In the end times, many people will not endure sound doctrine. One of the greatest challenges in the Church today is exposing and resisting the distortion of the grace message. It is therefore critical that we have a proper understanding of the biblical doctrine of salvation and grace. Scripture teaches us that the time will come when society will not endure sound doctrine, but live according to their desires, because they have itching ears, thus they will turn their ears away from the truth. (2 Tim. 4:3-4)

The foundational truth is that God loves with all His strength and thereby empowers us to love Him with all our strength (Mk. 12:30). The Lord created us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We distort God's grace when we do not interpret it through the lens of the first commandment.


Orlando House of Prayer
495 West Silver Star Road
Ocoee, FL 34761

Thursday September 19 at 7:00 PM (EDT)
7:00pm: Sessions 1 & 2

Friday September 20
7:30: Sessions 3 & 4

Saturday September 21
10:00am: Sessions 5 & 6
2:00pm: Session 7

To register for this event access the following URL.

FYI/Action Item # 2:

Conference on the Danger of Radical Islam

Dr. Jonathan Matusitz is scheduled to speak on radical Islam, and the danger it poses. both locally and nationally. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida.

Abundant Life Ministries and S. Pinellas 9/12 have joined forces to host this evening at the beautiful Abundant Life Church.

Thursday, Sept. 19th @ 7:00 PM
1550 Belcher Rd.
S. Largo, Fl 33771
Tel. 727 210 5433

FYI/Action Item # 3:

Good  News  Orlando Gospel Campaign with Reinhard Bonnke is ONLY 12 days away!

September 27th & 28th at 7:00 p.m. at Orlando Amway Center

R.S.V.P. at the following website:
I am sending this out on behalf of Russell K Benson, Executive Director CfaN USA

With less than 12 days to go until Good News Orlando the excitement is truly building up for this historic event. Promotion is well underway too, billboards are going up around our city plus radio and TV ad's are now in full swing and momentum is now on the rise for the Gospel to be proclaimed. We have over 260 cross-denominational churches participating and more than 1,300 volunteers signed-up and the laborers continue to come in! Praise God!
Here are some things you can participate with to help make this gospel crusade a sweeping success! 

  • SOCIALCAST If you have blog you can cover      this unique, evangelistic event using today's most compelling,      story-telling vehicles on the internet! 

Apply today at the following URL: and you could fill one of the 38, select seats available for our official SocialCast. You will be able to liveblog, tweet, capture and post images and video clips to Instagram or Vine, or record and post sound clips before, during and after the event, with exclusive access to areas and special events in the Amway Center.

  • 21 DAYS OF PRAYER In preparation for this great      and historic crusade, we must remember that prayer is our greatest and      most effective tool. On Friday,      September 6th, we began the 21 days of fast and      prayer to intercede for our city this past week.      Please join us in prayer in the coming weeks as Good News Orlando gets      closer to the event date.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Keep tabs on us through Facebook      and follow us on Twitter      and Instagram      for fun updates and behind the scene posts. Help us spread the word by      sharing about the Good News! Don't forget the hashtags: #WhatGoodNews      #GoodNewsOrlando #GoodNewsCrusade
         Let's get ready for some Good News!
         Learn more at:

FYI/Action Item # 4: 
The Liberty Empowerment Institute will be at the Florida Unity In Action Conference

The Florida Unity in Action Conference is less than a month away on Saturday October 5th from 9AM to 5 PM. This conference will be like no other conference or summit that has been done before. This is a day to bring people from around the state together to learn about what we, as individuals, can do to restore our republic. Together, if we take a unified approach to our actions, we can make a difference and effect real changes in government.

Organizations like Florida 10th Amendment Center, Floridian’s Against REAL ID, Ban The Cams, Florida Open Carry, The Fully Informed Jury Association, The Liberty First Network, OathKeepers, AgEnders, PANDA (People Against the NDAA), Campaign for Liberty, Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, Personhood Florida and many more.

When: Saturday, October 5th
Time: 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Where: in Pasco county Florida at the Rotary Pavillion at the Concourse on SR 52
Entrance Fee: One canned good food item per person (to be donated to a local shelter)

How is this event different?

Our country and state faces many problems. You already know that. What you are looking for is the solutionsOur event is completely focused on that. We are bringing in specific organizations who handle specific issues and are focused on action in some way. Each of them have a different focus and this is why we are bringing them all to you. This will give you the ability to choose issues that you are passionate about. You will be able to focus your time on positive actions that can make a difference and leave with the tools you need to make it happen.

What should you expect from this event?

This is a very special event taking place October 5th from 9 am to 5 PM. The first part will be a short speech from the representative for each group, giving you a summary of what they do and an overview on what kind of action you can take. The second part will be breakout sessions, where you can get more detailed information from the groups that interest you.

Lunch will be available from one of the three food truck vendors on site. Vendors will be available to show you the newest products and materials in the fight for liberty.

After the 2nd set of breakout sessions your day is done and you are prepared with action items you can do in the short term and long term on the issues that matter to you. This is what unity in action is all about. We are unified to take action on the issues we care about.

If you would like to attend this action packed event register with this link.

You can also like our Facebook page here.

If you would like any additional information contact me at

Go to for more information.

Do you have a liberty minded product or service available? There is still time to sign up as a vendor. There are a limited amount of spaces left for $25 per space. Email: for more information.

FYI/Action Item # 5:

Founding Fathers’ Dinner with Dave Barton

Hosted by – Conservative Club of East Pasco (CCOEP)

Save the Date:  Saturday October 12th 6 pm - 9pm 
Location: Lions Club 5827 Dean Dairy Road, Zephyrhills, FL 33541


DAVID BARTON, Founder of Wallbuilders                                         
“American Exceptionalism” 

JASON P. SAGER, Constitutional Scholar                                        
“The Dispute Behind the Establishment of the Constitution’s 
General Welfare Clause” 

JONATHAN MATUSITZ, Assoc. Professor, Univ. Of Central Florida 
“The Islamist Threat to America”    

Our Founding Fathers’
Learn about our Constitution and what is happening in America

Prime Rib Dinner – Dessert – Beverage Bar 
Tickets:  $75.00 Single and $125.00 Couple 

Contact Information:  

Debbie Murray‐President 813‐395‐6424,                                            

Lois Hackney‐Treasurer 813‐469‐4055

Nils Lenz‐Outreach Board Lead 813‐997‐3903             

CHECKS PAYABLE TO:  CCOEP    MAIL TO:  CCOEP – P.O. Box 1521 – Zephyrhills, Florida 33539 

Together  we CAN make a difference for His Kingdom  and America! Blessings until we meet again.
Thanks and God Bless!
In His Service,
Donna M. Rogers
Founder of Angel of Love and Light Ministries
Board of Directors Save America Foundation State of Florida Director
State of Florida Coordinator for The Black Robe Regiment
Watch your thoughts because they become your actions, character, and ultimately your destiny...

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