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It seems so logical, why even bother?  Hillsborough County State Representative Ross Spano along with representative Larry Metz introduced HB351: Application of Foreign Law which simply states that courts or other legal authorities must refrain from using religious or foreign law as a part of a legal decision or contract.  


HB 351 asserts that a "person's fundamental liberties, rights, and privileges are guaranteed by the State Constitution or the United States Constitution".  Sounds basic.  The US Constitution and the Florida Constitution trump foreign law. Who could be against having our rights as prescribed in these two documents be the law of the land? 


Enter the group United Voices of America founded by former Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Executive Director Ahmed Badier.  His group issued an URGENT ACTION ALERT yesterday calling for his folks to generate 1,000 emails to the Subcommittee taking up the bill tomorrow morning to kill the bill.  He calls lawmakers who support the bill "Islamophobes"  or "bigots" and characterizes the bill as "anti-Shariah" even though Shariah law is not mentioned in the bill.  He and his group were successful with these scare tactics last year when they shut down a similar bill. 


Read the bill and the staff analysis and judge for yourself whether it is as extreme and hateful as United Voices says. To read the bill access this link:


Then If you agree that US and Florida law should be used in Florida Courts and not foreign law, email AND call your state representatives in the Florida Legislature TODAY!  Tell them that you want to restore American Sovereignty in our courts and that you support House Bill HB 351 and its companion Senate Bill SB 58.  Tell them there must be no foreign sources of law used in our Florida Courts in adjudicating criminal or civil matters!


To view the committee members hearing the bill tomorrow morning access the following link:


  To make emailing them easier, cut and paste the email addresses below in the "To:' field of your email.  You need to do this NOW as the committee meets tomorrow morning.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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  • We have elected many who have sold out America and we the people. power and money guides the views of the elected. Until we elect common men and women our problems will continue to expand until our country is destroyed.  There is not enough money for me to sell out country and family. I always believe that country and god are first priority.

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