Anyone in So. Florida who supports Robert Lowry for US Congress in district 20 (to
replace Wasserman Shultz) and would like to volunteer to contact some precincts then
please send me a personal message and we will chat and get your information. We need all
the grassroots help we can get to try to match the $$ DWS has to pay for volunteers. It
is time to send local residents who are just business people to congress and send the
politicans home.

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  • I am saddened that no one on this site has responded to help get a grassroots conservative in congress. Everyone talks about changing who and how we are represented in DC, but no one is willing to donate 4 hours a week or every two weeks to help. The grassroots candidates do not have the money coming from whichever party they are a member of. They have to depend on us average citizen in the donation of our time and every $5.00 donation they can get. Candidates who go out and speak to the groups in their district are working their bums off to try to get their message out and it is time we pitch in to help them. If you only social network but do not physically do anything more, then you get the government you deserve. I hope folks will volunteer.
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