The past few years we have gone through 2 commissioners here in District 6 of Palm Beach County. One who was caught for stealing and the one in Office now was caught by yours truly for lying, to me.I have been living in the 6th district since 2003 and I heard promises and more promises of how my real estate tax was going to be lowered by the current District 6 Commissioner in office, Jessie Santamaria. Yes, My taxes were lowered but so has the value of my home! I paid over $400,000 for my home and now the value of my home is worth $150,000. With the new sitimulus mortages at lower rates for the "poor", my Higher end home is worthless and so is the garbage who have bought the ones that went on short sales and forecloseuers. I have more crime in my neighborhood then in the worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia when I lived there.Jessie Santamaria made his fame as a real estate developer in Wellington and clams he helped develop most of Wellington. He has lied on that. He bought property, built 2 eye sores in the heart of Wellington and permitted them to decay. At night when you drive down Forrest Hill Blvd you are lucky that the huge rats running around do not damage your car when you hit them. I have watched him on TV Florida Channel and he sits there through a session more interested in the bushes with a gas station than interested in why businesses are closing left and right. This Commissioner is more interested in making Palm Beach County pretty than making it stable, We need to encourage small businesses back to Palm Beach Florida.You have a shopping mall where I had a business and the rent was reasonable until they made their added charges of that was called assessments. Assessments are you pay for the extra taxes such as the water back up flow that belongs to the Mall, the parking lot, the losses, the huricane insurance, divided with the entire Mall, the real estate taxes, the water even though you are paying for it, The Commercial Laws need a rehaul. Jessie Santamaria, who is one of the largest Commercial property owners in Wellington, has not even looked into that area.We need a new land fill, but Jessie Santamaira wants to spend more money of tax payers dollars to put in an insinerator that will cost us Millions and my Grand children will be paying off when they are in their 60's. If an insinerator breaks down and pollutes the air and what are you going to do with the ashes? Bury them? A land fill is natural. It makes methane gas which can be channeled for natural cooking or run Air Conditioning Systems or even full house generators. This will make profit for the country. An insinerator will not. It will create Jobs for Santamaria family and friends. With Mr Santamaria, it's not what you know it's who you know.Water, we had a drought, The drought was not caused by you watering your lawn it was cause by the individuals who allowed the Orange Grove Farmers to water their crops as they please at any hour of the day. So instead of charging of them mulching and using soil to hold water we had to watch our lawns turn brown and the price of oranges and orange juice still went up.  And again Palm Beach county suffered with higher cost of living.Gasoline costs sky rocketed. Wellington is one of the highest Gasoline prices in the state of Florida. When I drove to Orlando the price of gasoline in Palm Beach County was 3 or close to 3 in Orlando (Orange County) it was 2.50. Now they say we charge because of tourists. Excuse me but you can make more money if you make it afforible and stop over spending. Even with the "Disney" tax up in the Disney area, gas is cheaper than Palm Beach County. You have a part time commissioner who gets paid $80,000 a year plus plus plus... His benefits, his expence account his salary cost us close to $180,000 a year. SO LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL FOR THE SANTAMARIAS.... Sounds to me they have followed the Obamas with the every 3 day parties. I am wondering how many dinners and lunches Santamaria have had on District 6 charge card? Maybe an audit is needed ?Mr Santamaria has claimed he personally stopped corruption in District 6. I have googled his name next to the people he claims he was part of an investiagation there was no article to confirm his alleged claim. I am not one to say who is telling the truth here but I am not the one giving the long tall tale.When I called Mr Santamoria's office he made a statement but refused to answer questions to the statements he made or explain himself on what he did . He said he had arrested several Busness people, an Inspector General (ref to the Cooms case) and he personally caught Tony Masilotti when it was the Sun Sentinal who brought this to light. your pick. You have John Carroll who spoke to me for 1/2 hour and you have Jessie Santamaria who just gave me a statement without explainnig or backing it up and then hung up on me without answering my questions..My vote personally is John Carroll and pink slip Jessie Santamaria.

New candidate findings reveal what they’re worth

Monday, June 21st, 2010 by George Bennett
When candidates filed qualifying papers for office last week, they submitted financial disclosure statements estimating their net worths. Naples businessman and ubiquitous TV presence Rick Scott blew everyone away with the $218.6 figure he submitted as a Republican candidate for governor, but state Rep. Carl Domino, R-Jupiter, and other locals posted big numbers as well.

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