Joesph Abruzzo's vitual state office

The worst thing for a Politican to have is a blogger for the Tea Party walk into the "office " he is suppose to have and hand them the "survey" he sent out.

First of all picture this office


Wellington Community Center


he Wellington Community Center is a large, multi-use facility with over 28,000 square feet available for residents to rent for various functions, including meetings and receptions.

The Wellington Aquatics Complex is located at the Wellington Community Center. It includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, diving boards, and water slides. A picnic pavilion, bocce courts and boat ramp are also available to residents and may be rented. The Tennis Center is alsolocated at the Wellington Community Center. It offers instructional programming, lessons and leagues for residents and non-residents. Courts are available for open play.


The Wellington Community Center offers programs for all ages. For preschoolers, the WCC offers Tumble Tots, Tiny Toes, Dancing Darling, Budding Ballerinas, Abrakadoodle Art, and Super Stars. School-aged children can enjoy GymKids, KinderSports, Acting Fun, Kinder Dance, Dancing Kids and Hip Hop. Adults can participate in Yoga, Yogilates and Pilates. For more details about these programs or to register, please browse this website or call Julie Strow at (561) 791-4000.

For our Seniors, The Wellington Community Center offers Introduction to Computers, AARP Driver Safety, and Creative Photography. Weekly Happenings at the WCC for Senior Club members are Social Bridge, ACBL Bridge, Canasta, Mah Jongg, and Bingo (once a month). For more details about these programs or to register, please browse this website or call Howard Trager at (561) 791-4000.

Rental Information

The Wellington Community Center rents rooms and provides tables and chairs for these rentals. We are able to accommodate as many as 200 people in our Grand Cypress Room. There are several other smaller rooms which serve well for small parties or small business group meetings. Please consult our brochure for information regarding our facility and fees. If you require additional information or wish to rent a room please contact Debbie Liquori at (561) 791-4000.


Our facilities include banquet and multipurpose rooms, tennis courts, tennis pro shop, Olympic-sized swimming pool, kiddie aqua play area, lake & pavilion, and fishing dock.


This is the place where this Representative has his office and conducts the "serious business" of the community he respresents. His Virtal Office that is unmaned but receives mail is locked from Public access. This office belongs to the people since it's our tax dollars that pay for the rent and operation. This is not a community center it's a country club because you have to pay to join.

When I walked in I said I want to go to 1A. The young lady behind the desk looked at me and said they are hardly here. There mail hasn't been picked up and sometimes he's here when I am here. I asked where is the office?  Well you cant go there because no one is there. I then said I want to leave this survey and here is my card I am going to write about this and thanked her walked out.

This is the wasteful spending that Florida is enduring. You have a Representative who I am sure has a vitual full staff for this virtual office of his along with a real payrol to pay this virtual staff. This Rep could have chosen a regular office in a regular office building or better yet in a mall but he won't have his tennis courts or his pool or his fancy restaurants for his vitual meetings. This office is a waste of tax payer's money and I feel a full audit by the State Attorney General's Office should be conducted on Representative   Joseph    Abruzzo. Also when you call the number he has a vitural answering machine or voice mail to collect his constituant's calls.

This State Representive Joseph Abruzzo should be recalled or removed on the meer fact his office is bogus in Palm Beach.

His office in Wellington is

Wellington Community Center
12165 W. Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 1-A
Wellington, FL 33414-5727
Phone: (561) 791-4774


Wouldn't you like a job that forces you to swim and play tennis? Joesph Abruzzo is an Obama supporter. What I understand is he jumped for joy after hearing Obama won! Like Obama and Michelle, Abruzzo has the attitude from the waste of tax dollars money is if the tax payers dont have bread let them eat cake as he joins Obama in eating kobe steak at the clubhouse. Ever hear about tighting your belt Joesph? Maybe you need some time out from politics and be removed. Resign today or YOU'RE FIRED!


Final thought and these Liberals say Conservatives are stealing money!


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