Dear Fellow Patriots,

Please send this out to everyone you know in the state of Florida. We need as many hands on deck for this as possible. Thanks.

The SWFL Citizens Alliance has been working very hard to get Florida to be the next state to pass a 2nd Amendment Protection and Firearms Freedom Act. Attached is a Florida Draft patterned after the Kansas 2nd Amendment Protection Act. To date, 10 States have passed a similar bill and many more have active bills in one or both legislative houses.

For those unfamiliar with the Kansas bill-it is a strong statement of State Sovereignty based on both the Commerce Clause and the 2nd, 9th and 10th Amendments.

We have met with and have the support of 7 of our 8 FL House and Senate delegation from Southwest Florida. Rep Matt Hudson submitted the Kansas bill to Florida House Bill Writing team and we have a Florida Draft of the bill-see attached. Rep Dane Eagle volunteered to sponsor this bill and our SWFL delegation strongly supports him to sponsor the House version of this bill. I am attaching 3 files- KS SB 102 which is the signed law in KS; the Florida draft of the KS bill and a one page executive summary of our efforts for your review.





We have had lengthy conference calls with the Kansas Sponsor of their bill, Rep John Rubin and the NRA Affiliate, Patricia Stoneking, who was co-author of their KS Bill.

We had a booth last week at the Florida Sheriffs Association(FSA) Summer Conference and our Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk introduced the FL Draft in the Legislative discussion of the conference and the sheriffs agreed by consensus to ask their Legislative Committee to consider including this in their 2104 Legislative Agenda which would be enormous boon to our efforts. The FSA Legislative Committee meets August 30th.

We also are working aggressively to get a Senate Sponsor and have several Senators that we have contacted who are reviewing the effort.

We need to get a grass roots effort in as many counties as possible across Florida to reach out to your sheriff to make sure they know about the bill and ask for their support. Our hope is to get a number of small quality teams of 4-5 individuals per county to work together to drive this grassroots effort.

Sept 23rd is the first FL Committee week in Tallahassee and we hope to get teams from 8-10 counties (more is better) to meet with various Committee heads to make sure this is a Priority for both House and Senate in the 2014 cycle.

BTW, the "We" I keep referencing is our SWFL Citizens Alliance and I have also attached a 2 page summary of who we are and the core values we are working to advance.

Again, we have a draft bill; we have a very positive start with our local legislature which we need help broadening across Florida and we have a great start with the Florida Sheriffs.

We could sure use your help in your county to growth is effort.

I plan to hold a conference call in a week or so to answer questions and encourage you to build these initial small teams. Please Confirm your interest in participating in a conference call.

Contact for Further Info: Keith Flaugh, 239-250-3320,

In Liberty, Keith

6.30 PDF Vision mission stmt with Logo1.pdf

7.29 Large Print Kansas 2A Bill 102 (1)1.pdf

8 15 Executive Summary for Grassroots1.doc

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