Thanks to the Florida Public Service Commission, Florida Power & Lightcustomers will not see any increases in their base utility rates.Florida's Public Service Commission (PSC) rejected the majority ofFlorida Power & Light’s (FP&L) request to raise customer’s utility ratesby approximately $1.2 billion during 2010 and 2011.Floridians served by Florida Power & Light can breathe a sigh of relief,Regulators clearly understood the tough realities facing Floridiansduring these tough economic times.The PSC unanimously rejected FP&L’s request for a 12.5 percent return on equityinstead setting the rate at 10 percent which saves customers million of dollars.Also, due to reduced fuel costs, customers will actually see a reduction of almost$15 on their monthly bill.The PSC also denied several service charge increases that FP&L requestedsuch as $100 for an initial service connection (currently $14.88)and a $10 minimum charge for late payments(up from the current 1.5 percent of the past due amount).Thank you to all of the Patriots who took the time to attend and speak at the FP&Lcustomer hearings held this summer by the PSC, for making calls to the Commissioners,and writing letters to the editor and editorials urging Commissioners to deny these requests.

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  • Moved to Florida 4 years ago and my Electris bill has since doubled..PSC stinks.. They say they help the public and allow increases without justifacation. Same goes for my water bill..i paid 30 a month, now its 65 or better under Agua Util... use less pay more..why? Something smells Fishy ar the PSC. Fire the top I say.
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