January 04, 2011 12:19 PM


TALLAHASSEE — Immediately after being sworn-in as Florida’s
45th governor, Gov. Rick Scott fulfilled campaign promises by
signing executive orders to freeze job-killing regulations and
require state agencies to verify legal immigration status.
He also established a tough new ethics policy and affirmed his
commitment to diversity in employment.

Executive Order No. 11-01


Freezes all new regulations and establishes the Office of Fiscal
Accountability and Regulatory Reform, which will review all rules
prior to promulgation as well as agency practices and contracts.

•Immediately suspends rulemaking for all agencies under the
direction of the Governor.

•Establishes the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory
Reform to review all rules (including those suspended by the Order)
prior to promulgation and to review agency practices and contracts.

•Imposes 90-day suspension on execution of any contracts with a
value in excess of $1 million, without prior approval from the Office.

•Prohibits agencies from promulgating rules unless they obtain prior
approval from the Office.

Senator Greg Evers (R-Baker) today released the following statement
applauding Governor Rick Scott’s first official act as the Governor of
the State of Florida:

“Governor Scott today took the first major step to reduce government
red tape and regulation by signing Executive Order 11-01. This order
will help businesses in Northwest Florida, and all across Florida, and
help move our economy forward toward the ultimate goal of job creation.

“I applaud and thank Governor Scott for his immediate and bold actions.
Not only was today a monumental day for Governor Scott and his family,
but today is also a landmark day for Florida businesses.”

Executive Order No. 11-02


Requires state agencies to use the E-Verify system verify
employment eligibility of state employees and contractors.

•All state agencies under the direction of the Governor must
use E-Verify system to check employment eligibility of their
current and prospective employees.

•Requires state agencies under the direction of the Governor
to include in all state contracts a requirement that contractors
utilize the E-Verify system to verify the employment eligibility of:

••all persons employed during the contract term by the contractor
to perform employment duties within Florida; and

••all persons (including subcontractors) assigned by the contractor
to perform work pursuant to the contract with the state agency.

Executive Order No. 11-03


Establishes the Governor’s policy on ethics and open government.
Orders the adoption and implementation of a revised, stronger,
code of ethics in the Governor’s office, and directs agencies under
the direction of the Governor to revise their codes of ethics accordingly.

•Recognizes work of 19th Statewide Grand Jury and directs
Governor’s Special Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer to review
their Report and recommend a plan for implementation of all
or certain, as advisable, of the Grand Jury Recommendations.

•Reaffirms commitment to Office of Open Government and calls
for establishment of new Web site providing access to accountability

Executive Order No. 11-04


Reaffirms the Governor’s commitment to diversity in government.

•Reaffirms prohibition on discrimination in employment based on
race, gender, creed, color, or national origin, and affirms commitment
to hiring, retaining and promoting the highest quality candidates
regardless of the above.

•Reaffirms policy of non-discrimination in state contracting without
regard for race, gender, creed, color, or national origin.

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