While I am in Alaska I believe that you in Florida have the ability to support this man.  He is an example of what I think we all stand for.  DO NOT think that WE THE PEOPLE  meant WE THE PEOPLE can only affect change in government.



Michael Fernandez

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  • Yes he should be prosecuted. So should the school bus driver and anybody else who knew about what was happening. It is a form of child neglect. The grounds on which I make that claim is that if the father knew what was happening and did nothing, and the girl killed herself as a result, the man would be prosecuted for child neglect. If his story is true, and he had spoke to people about this and they did nothing, then they are guilty of putting his daughters life at risk and the children that were bullying her. For that reason, I move to place the school district , the bus driver, the parents of the bullies criminally responible for placing the lives of the girl bullied and the kids bullying in jeopardy. Their inability to take swift action in this matter caused a man take matters into his own hands, and he chose to act out in an unfavorable manner.

    What is your opinion on that? Am I still crazy?
    Ralph Allen Beach said:
    @Michael Fernandez...He may be what you stand for but not me. I am not childish enough to go onto a school bus and yell at children yelling out that I will hurt them. A parent has no right to board a school bus no matter what happened at school. The dad should be prosecuted for threatening the children. I know this because my girl friend is a school bus driver.
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