Will You Make the Call to Defend Life?

The Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment Petition has been endorsed by Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council (FRC), Mat Staver and the Liberty Counsel, Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association (AFA), Lila Rose of Live Action, Judi Brown of American Life League, and the list is growing. Your support for this amendment is vital! With your help, we can end abortion and protect all innocent human life! Please join the call to defend life!


We need volunteers in every Florida county to help us reach every region, every county, every city, every church, every pastor, every organization, every neighborhood for life! Will you help? If so, please join us for a conference call/training tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 23 from 8 - 9 PM EST.) This call will cover key strategies for ending abortion and protecting all innocent human life. Register to join us on the call today!

Together we CAN make a difference for His Kingdom and America! Blessings until we meet again.

Thanks and God Bless!

In His Service,

Donna M. Rogers

Founder of Angel of Love and Light Ministries

Board of Directors Save America Foundation

TeaParty.org State of Florida Director

State of Florida Coordinator for The Black Robe Regiment

Watch your thoughts because they become your actions, character, and ultimately your destiny...

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