Col. Alan West

During The Colonel's campaiging in Florida, I listen to him speak various times and look at his credentials, became very impress with him.

I absouletely agree that he would be the right man, for the right job. Keep in mind 2012, is right around the corner!! I agree, Th White House needs to be "clean out". Is was a successful midterm election, but not successful,enough. We, still have to finish the job, need to get rid of the people that were left behind.


I'm very sure and confident that he Colonel will not go into the muslim community and apologize for something that they did and brought up themselves.

This current administration, has completely forgotten what excatly happen on 9/11, not only that but what happened 60 years ago (Pearl Harbor), THEY CAME TO US, WE DIDN"T GO TO THEM!!!


Merry Christmas and May God Bless America!!

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