Pass this on do we want a Senator who is in Bed with Terrorist?
Florida Governor and candidate for the U.S. Senate Charlie Crist is directly linked to Imam Muhammad Musri. Imam Musri is President of the Orlando, FL based Islamic Society of Central Florida. The Islamic Society of Central Florida has been linked to Charles Galloway's Viva Palistina organization. Viva Palistina and George Galloway raised money in 2009 at the Islamic Society of Central Florida, which eventually made its way to Palestine and the terrorist organization Hamas.

According to investigative journalist Patrick Poole:

"A key Muslim ally of Florida Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist, Imam Muhammad Musri, hosted a fundraiser in Orlando for the terrorist group Hamas in June 2009, and a camera crew from ACT for America infiltrated the event held at Masjid Al-Rahman, Musri’s mosque, to record the proceedings. Imam Musri, head of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, serves on Crist’s Faith-Based and Community Advisory Council and was appointed by Crist to his 2010 Sunshine Census Committee."

Patrick reports:

"Galloway and Bray raised $55,000 at Musri’s fundraiser. During the event, [Mahdi] Bray [of the Muslim American Society-Freedom] promised that the cash and materials collected from the Orlando event would be sent straight to Gaza:

Well we’ve got the equipment. We’re going to send it Insha’Allah. We’re going to go with your movement Viva Palestina… We’ll ship it here from Florida to New York, and from New York to Egypt, and from Egypt we will put it into Gaza.

According to a July 26, 2009 article posted on the Muslim American Society website authored by Aishah Schwartz (now since scrubbed from their site), documents how Bray was true to his word, with the supplies shipped by container from Orlando.

According to press accounts, more than $1 million in aid for Hamas, including the cash and supplies raised in Orlando at Musri’s mosque, along with funds raised in Kansas, New York and Illinois, was provided on Galloway’s July 2009. There to greet them and take possession of the cash was Hamas economic minister Ziad al-Zaza and Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh, another designated global terrorist.

In response to this second Hamas support convoy, Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade, sent letters to Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clintonand IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, demanding an investigation into Galloway and Viva Palestina’s U.S. fundraising for Hamas. Not long afterward, Mahdi Bray scrubbed any mention of the convoy from his personal website."

It is disturbing that Governor Crist keeps Imam Muhammad Musri as such a close friend and ally knowing what has now become a serious breach of America's national security.

Watch this compelling video expose by the Florida Security Council on the link between Imam Musri's mosque and Hamas:

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