Bernard Sansaricq - My Message for 9-11

As I stood today in front of the Mosque in Pompano’s23rd District with hundreds of Americans, I said to myself:'this is not about a Pastor in America wanting to burn theQuran's or where to build another Mosque. Today in theUnited States , it is a day that we the citizens rememberone of the darkest hours in our country’s History.Today we remember that security is an abstract state ofmind, not a concrete entity. Today we have to rememberthat being “politically correct” or appeasing our enemy isnot the thing to do, if we want America to remain theLand of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

We lost thousands people in the destruction of the WorldTrade Center, the Pentagon and the fields of PA.We lost countless heroes who gave their lives to save others.Today, we honor them with our thoughts and prayers andour quest for justice. Let our tears fall and soak the earthand soothe the broken hearts that lost a loved one on thisday 9 years ago.Let us never forget that we are the United States of America .One of the Greatest President of our time, Ronald Reagan leftus this message: “ …Always remember that we are Americans,and it is our birthright to dream great dreams, in this sweetand blessed land, truly the greatest, freest, strongest nationon earth…”BUT ALSO FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE!Let us always remember Todd Beamer's last words on 9/11/2001:"LET'S ROLL!"

GOD BLESS AMERICA !!November 2, 2010 will be our time to ROLL!Let’s take our country back!

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