Passing this onto all of you as an FYI and for action


Action Alert - Monday Gov. Scott to Meet with HHS Secretary Sebelius
Re: Obamacare

FACTS:  On Monday, January 7th, Governor Rick Scott will meet with HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius to discuss expanding Medicaid in the State of Florida.  Economists predicted in November 2012 that the Medicaid expansion would cost $9 Billion, however the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration estimates the cost to be near $25 Billion. Those who know the Obama Care law have always said that implementing it will break the states eventually, and increasing Medicaid is a big component in this destruction. Many are already seeing the numbers inflating.

The Governor needs to know that the people in the State of Florida do not want to increase Medicaid or implement a State Exchange for Obama Care. If we don't respond before this meeting on Monday, it will be left up to the liberal media to spread the news that people in Florida do not care what happens.

ACTION STEP: Contact the Governor at  Also call him at: 1-850-488-7146

God bless,

Sharon Glass

Public Awareness Coordinator

Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots

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