I am sending this out on behalf of Sharon Glass Public Awareness Coordinator Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots

Thanks. Donna Rogers, Florida State Director, TeaParty Command Center    


Request from Marion P. Hammer Executive Director of United Sportsman of Florida and past President of the National Rifle Association.

Florida HM-545 by Rep. Neil Combee (R) has been scheduled for a hearing in the House Local and Federal Affairs Committee on Friday Morning, March 22, at 8:00am.

HM-545 Relating to Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Memorial declaring to the President of the United States and the United States Congress, the intent of the Florida House to use all of its authority and power to protect the citizens of the State of Florida against any federal gun control measure that violates the right of the people of Florida to keep and bear arms. Click here to   READ HM-545

PLEASE IMMEDIATELY EMAIL Members of the House Local and Federal Affairs Committee and URGE THEM TO SUPPORT HM-545

In the subject line put:  SUPPORT HM-545 -- Protect the Second Amendment

(Block and Copy All email addresses into the "Send To" box)

eddy.gonzalez@myfloridahouse.gov, ray.pilon@myfloridahouse.gov, daphne.campbell@myfloridahouse.gov, Randolph.Bracy@myfloridahouse.gov, Dwight.Dudley@myfloridahouse.gov, clay.ingram@myfloridahouse.gov, Mike.LaRosa@myfloridahouse.gov, MaryLynn.Magar@myfloridahouse.gov, george.moraitis@myfloridahouse.gov, Bobby.Powell@myfloridahouse.gov, Sharon.Pritchett@myfloridahouse.gov, Ricardo.Rangel@myfloridahouse.gov, Holly.Raschein@myfloridahouse.gov, Jose.Rodriguez@myfloridahouse.gov, David.Santiago@myfloridahouse.gov, jimmie.smith@myfloridahouse.gov, Charlie.Stone@myfloridahouse.gov, charles.vanzant@myfloridahouse.gov

It is imperative that you email these Committee members right away.  Strong support for this declaration of intent will send a loud message to President Obama and the anti-gun members of Congress.

God bless, Sharon Glass Public Awareness Coordinator Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Rosa-Tea-Party-Patriots/ The Tea Party Network - Vice Chair www.theteapartynetwork.org

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