A Bill filed in Florida will require you to take an Anger Management Course to buy Ammunition!

Remarks by Sharon Glass: Things are moving so fast in the gun issue in Washington and also in Florida. Two Democratic senators have filed gun bills that will potentially take away more 2nd Amendment rights in the State of Florida. One of the bills has a companion House bill, the other one doesn’t. Read the bills, then call your senators and house members and let them know how you feel about these bills. Send SB1670 to your sheriff because it will require him to do things to take away your 2nd Amendment rights in your own county. And…oh by the way…in SB1678 you won’t be able to buy ammunition unless you take an anger management class which you will have to renew every 10 years. WHAT! I guess this is one way to build up the State’s mental health budget. Divide and conquer that is the plan coming from those who are against the 2nd Amendment.

SB 1670: Assault Weapons and Magazines: Prohibiting a person from manufacturing, importing, possessing, purchasing, selling, or transferring any assault weapon or large-capacity magazine; requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to provide every county sheriff with the training and forms necessary to perform background checks and register assault weapons and large-capacity magazines with the department; increasing criminal penalties for the possession or use of an assault weapon during the commission of certain specified offenses, etc.


SB 1678: Firearms Firearms: Requiring a 3-day waiting period for the sale of any firearm; prohibiting the sale of ammunition to a person who has not completed an anger-management program; requiring certification of completion of an anger-management program to be renewed every 10 years; providing criminal penalties, etc.


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