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Here I will share books and post reviews of books I recommend. Since my area of expertise is in early Christian History, that is the subject most books will be about.  There will also be related books and even good Christian fiction.  In other words, if it is a good Christian book and I recommend it, it will be posted here.  I encourage others to post book recommendations and reviews here as well. They don't have to be by Christians or about Christian topics.  One are, for example, would be books on US History.  Please, no "Adult Books" or books that contain graphic details you would not recommend for your Grandmother.     


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Comment by Dr Wesley B Rose "Dr Ley" on October 18, 2012 at 1:58pm





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Book review for:

Earthquake Resurrection

Supernatural Catalyst for the Coming Global Catastrophe

By David W Lowe


The author employs one of the ageless axioms of Biblical study to masterfully correlate Old and New Testament scripture with tremendous thought about the warning signs of natural disasters in a complex yet easily understood dissertation of the frightful events awaiting mankind. i.e. allow scripture to interpret scripture.  I have had the privilege of reading numerous works of eschatology by authors spanning two millennia, but all seem incomplete when compared to this astounding work of apocalyptic research.  Lowe has taken the natural research and study by science with the long studied scriptures to provide the reader with a most vivid and shocking view of the many events that will occur during the end of days. Indeed his extensive research of both fully supports his insights and conclusions. Too many authors rely on traditions, speculation, and imagination to describe the world ending events provided to us in scripture.  Lowe has touched on a subject that is largely ignored whether out of fear, inflated optimism, or ignorance and elucidates the true picture of devastation that is not just possible from natural occurrences (volcanic and earthquake) but is certain to be part of the events God will bring upon the earth and humanity.  I shudder to think of the immensity and propensity of these unfolding events, especially since Lowe has placed so many things in perspective – a perspective that is intelligent and employs common sense physical realities present on Earth.  It is unfortunate that I lack the vocabulary and descriptive skill necessary to fully compliment and explain the scope of this book and its implications for mankind.  If one is eager to truly discern the prophesies about the coming of the Lord, this has to be one of the books you read.  I have added it to my personal library, one that I scrutinize very closely. 

I want to thank David Lowe for the opportunity to read his work.  It was, I feel, a great privilege and a most exciting experience.  











Comment by Dr Wesley B Rose "Dr Ley" on October 18, 2012 at 1:55pm

FINDING HOPE in the Midst of Tragedy By  Shelley Hitz


By Dr Ley


We as Christians are taught about the consequences of sin that started in the Garden of Eden with the very first two people.  We learned that at one time everything was literally perfect. But that after the sin of Adam and Even nothing was perfect; in fact many imperfections entered the world immediately.  The imperfections or results from sin encompass a broad spectrum of things.  We are told by Paul that “the earth groans” in anguish because of the imperfections that have infected it and changed the entire character of the earth itself and everything on it, in it, and around it.  Cain is the most infamous example of a man tormented, persecuted, and shunned by everyone.  His was a life of true emptiness and despair, of pain and perpetual visages of dislike in the faces of all he met. He was marked, literally by God, and this was like wearing a sign that said I am to be treated worse than the snake that slithers upon the earth, than the most dreaded diseases and infirmities, and the terrible wild beasts of the land and the ocean.  We are also given the immortal account of Job and the absolutely chilling events of his life. But it does not really sink in completely until some tragedy draws us into, as the author recorded, the “city of pity” (or the personal impact of inexplicable and sudden tragedy) a phrase she borrowed from one of her patients.

 It is a fitting description of what happens when those ageless imperfections (from the very beginning) become oh too real. Then it is not as much about the tragedy, the heartbreaking event(s), or the impact it has on so many lives. It is, as the author wisely identifies for us, how we deal with these challenges, these imperfections of the world, which seemingly begin to consume our lives and leave in their stead monuments of despair and hopelessness.    Indeed it is these tragedies and hardships which befall everyone, both Christian and non-Christian, that truly open windows into our hearts, minds, and souls: windows through which we can come face to face with some of our worst fears; windows through which we get to see the harsh realities that the imperfections of sin generated; and windows that awaken long buried ideals, beliefs, and hopes which must consequently (and inevitably) evoke actions.  And there are, of course, a huge assortment of actions available to us – even giving up in despair and desperation.

This is where the author takes all of this complexity and these multifaceted events of life and interleaves the fiber of hope, faith, and renewed [revitalized] knowledge of God’s love and provisions.  This book is a most eloquent record of simplicity in its most important role and from the only true source of love that and faith that prove to conquer all. This is her formula and her wisdom and faith shining through the events that would cause despair and hopelessness in anyone – that is anyone without the truth and the love of God in them.  The account, of the tragic events recorded in this book, is more than just a written record of those things, but is in actuality the living record of God’s hand in the life of humanity as seen and lived through the eyes of the author.  It is an account of the menagerie of feelings and weight that is suddenly placed on the shoulders of many people.  It is even more the story of true faith and the uncanny ability of people to overcome almost anything – not of their own accord but through the grace and merciful intervention of God (through Miracles and direct answer to prayers).

 What a true blessing this book was and can be for anyone. I must apologize for my lack of ability to give this work the attention and accolades it so richly deserves, and to not having the ability to share it with as many as I would like.  Indeed, what a blessing!



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Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson


Obama Lies Again: – Ignores That The Year After Signing The Stimulus More Than (4) Million Jobs Were Lost

Former President Obama, the only President in US history who had his FBI and other Intel agencies spy on the opposition party candidate, claims that he created the great economy that Americans are enjoying today. The only thing Obama created was debt and massive job losses with his horrible economic recovery.

Yesterday the former President tweeted an effort to take credit for President Trump’s successful economy:

Joe Hoft@joehoft

Of course another @BarackObama lie. He can’t open his mouth without lying. 11 years ago the US lost (4.3) million jobs over the next 12 months. Horrible liar. 

Barack Obama  @BarackObama

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.

President Obama’s policies were a disgrace and a failure. He doubled the national debt in spite of zero interest rates from the Fed. His recovery was the worst in US history.

Also, Obama’s assertion is just plain false. The ‘Stimulus’ was passed in February 2009 right after Obama took over the Presidency. He promised to not pass any bills for at least a week to allow for the bills to be read by the people but lied as soon as he was sworn in. The Stimulus was hundreds and hundreds of pages of government handouts to Democrat districts and it was close to $1 million. This was not what America needed and it led to the Tea Party.

Far-left Wikipedia has this to say about the Stimulus:

Note that in his infinite wisdom, NYT economist Paul Krugman is credited with arguing that “the stimulus was far smaller than the economic crisis warranted”. (He also said the markets would crash and burn if President Trump was elected President.)

The data shows that the 12 months after Obama’s stimulus, the US lost 4.3 million jobs:

In Obama’s first three years he netted a loss of 1.5 million jobs compared to President Trump who has added more than 6.7 million jobs.

When it comes to the economy, the billionaire schools the community organizer every time.

Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

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