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Congressman Rob Bishop, the gentleman from Utah who kindly provided Americans with the documents that showed the Obama administration was planning another federal land-grab, has come through again.

Read the entire document:  BLM%20Treasured%20Landscapes.pdf 

Bishop’s office has release the entire BLM document titled “Treasured Landscapes” of which only pages were released a few months ago. It lays out what some consider a sweeping and detailed plan for changing the way the federal government manages land over the next 25 years.

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  • A Message to Friends of Cliven Bundy and the BLM

    Cliven Bundy and his family are kind and wonderful people. It is hard to understand that he truly does not believe that he is doing anything wrong. The fact that Mr. Bundy illegally grazes his cattle in Gold Butte is all a part of the culture that he believes in and perpetuates. Mr. Bundy does not consider the United States of America to have any jurisdiction over him. When he calls Gold Butte his ranch, he actually deems it so.

    Mr. Bundy’s quote, ”Federal rangers have no jurisdiction or authority, no policing power or arresting power.”, is indicative of how he feels about federal laws and those that enforce them. It is how he feels about citizens that support BLM and enforcing laws that require Mr. Bundy to remove his cattle from Gold Butte.


  • USUAL SUSPECTS: Clinton, Gore & Obama Behind Ranch Showdown!

    4086850397?profile=originalJim Simpson/WND- The leaseholder for the project is K Road Power, LLC, a New York City-based energy company. An examination of its website finds the business development manager to be none other thanJonathan Magaziner.

    But that is not all. A company called First Solar is listed on a BLM renewable energy project map of southern Nevada, one of 11 sited in Clark County. Additionally, the map shows six wind projects in Clark County and also lists the K Road Moapa project under “transmission projects.” In other words, there is a lot more going on than media have reported.

    First Solar investors comprise a who’s who of Democratic insiders, including major Obama campaign bundlers, billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, Al Gore, Ted Turner and Goldman Sachs. First Solar’s CEO is Michael Ahearn, former fundraiser for both Obama and Harry Reid.




    Critics of the way federal agencies in Montana handled a recent raid on a company that recycles brass for ammunition are calling for an investigation.

    Government officials have declined to respond to allegations that armed officers with weapons drawn locked up USA Brass employees, confiscated their cell phones and otherwise violated their rights.

    The incident in Bozeman, Mont., drew little attention from media.

    To protect against lead contamination, USA Brass had installed filters and added training. The company had passed a subsequent inspection before officers from the Environmental Protection Agency and FBI arrived, apparently with guns drawn.


  • Was Hillary the 'Secretary of State from Boeing'?

    A brand new airliane, Rosavia, was being set up, and would need up to 65 planes in the B737/A320 class. These workhorses of the air are produced in large numbers and are very profitable if anything close to list price is paid.

    In 2010, two months after Boeing won its $3.7 billion Russia deal, the companyannounced a $900,000 contribution to the William J. Clinton Foundation intended to rebuild schools in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The foundation, which Hillary Clinton now helps lead with her husband and daughter, has become a popular charity for major corporations.


  • NY Gov. Cuomo Signs Law to Rig Electoral College

    The campaign to effectively end the Electoral College’s role in presidential elections has received an additional boost from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    Cuomo signed the National Popular Vote Compact on Tuesday, under which the state would award its 29 electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote.

    The state’s electoral votes currently go to the winner of New York’s popular vote, the New York Daily News reports.



    Just an FYI:  We update the site in the morning starting at about 5am Central time and then at approximately 5pm Central time in the afternoon.  

    So, have your posts up and the link to them placed on this Comment Wall so we make sure to see them!

    There were some great posts this morning!  But, I had to hunt for them and I might have missed something terrific because the link wasn't here!  

  • The real crux of the Clive Bundy/BLM matter comes down to jurisdiction:
    • The US Department of Agriculture with it's two Public Administrative Agencies; the BLM and US Forest Service have federal jurisdiction limited to "Federal Enclaves", Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution,
    • The Administrative Agencies BLM/USFS are to Hold the Public Lands in Trust.  The Civil and Criminal jurisdiction on public lands that are not "Federal Enclaves" remain with the States under the provisions of the 10th Amendment and are subject to the laws of that state.
    • Under the Supremacy Clause, Article VI, , Clause 2 of the Constitution, Civil Jurisdiction rests with Nevada State Attorney General, and District Attorney of the County in which the issue resides. Criminal Jurisdiction rests with the County Sheriff.
    • The Supremacy Clause is incorrectly used by the Federal Agencies to bully unknowing County and State officials to fool the Public at-large into thinking they have police powers over public lands.
      • Using Nye County and the Hage Ranch/BLM issue as an example:
        • The only Federal Enclave in Nye County is  US Post Office in Tonopah.
        • When the BLM illegally trespassed on the Pine Creek Ranch for the purposes of taking "trespass" cattle, the Nye County Sheriff correctly ordered the BLM to stand down.
        • The Hages have since prevailed in US District Court which found the BLM guilty of conspiracy and under other violations under the 4th and 5th Amendments.
    • The Bundy Matter is a clear case of the aforementioned facts.  
      • Cliven asserts that the civil fees owed are payable to the State of Nevada, not the Federal Government. He must have had a prescriptive easement or proved beneficial use for use of these grazing lands far before the creation of the BLM. After the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo, 1848, these lands were included in the boundaries at the time of Statehood (1864 in the case of Nevada).
      • Nevada State Law, NRS 248.90 charges Clark County Sheriff Gillespie to perform peace keeping duties.  His lack of performance puts him at odds with his Official Oath to preserve and defend the Constitution of the US, and possible violation of (AGO 40(6-24-1921). This unnecessarily placed citizens including women and children in harms way and Sheriff Gillespie may be subject to NRS 283.440 Removal for malfeasance.
        • The Bundy Ranch is not a Federal Enclave.
          • Who authorized the BLM, citizens which under the Supremacy Clause and Nevada Sate Law empower them with the ability to do nothing more than make a citizens arrest, to execute a paramilitary operation?
          • Did Sheriff Gillespie deputize the BLM agents/personnel?  If not properly deputized the BLM was in violation of NRS 197.200 Oppression Under Color of Office.
          • The BLM at a minimum would have had to turn the cattle over to the Nevada State Department of Agriculture
          • The BLM violated at least the 1st and 4th Amendments during the raid and with the death of cattle during the BLM "round up" may have violated the 5th Amendment.
          • Where were the Clark County District Attorney and the Nevada State Attorney General during this fiasco?
    • This situation was clearly not about the Desert Tortoise which was the legal determination for allowing the BLM to conduct this operation.  That would be falsifying information to the courts.
    • The Supremacy Clause and Federal Enclave issues effect every one who uses the Public Lands in the State of Nevada and all Western States.  We need our Public Officials to act in a capacity to preserve our rights as citizens.

    last one:
    UK Minister: Fight Climate Change by Reducing 'Smelly Emissions' from Baked Beans


    UK Minister: Fight Climate Change by Reducing 'Smelly Emissions' from Baked Beans
    by Nick Hallett 9 Apr 2014  People should eat fewer baked beans as the flatulence they produce contributes to global warming, a minister has suggeste…

    and another:
    Hank Aaron Compares Obama Opponents to KKK: They Wear 'Neckties and Starched Shirts' Instead of Hoods


    Hank Aaron Compares Obama Opponents to KKK: They Wear 'Neckties and Starched Shirts' Instead of Hoo…
    by Tony Lee 8 Apr 2014  On the 40th anniversary of his momentous 715th home run that broke Babe Ruth's MLB home run record, which is the most meanin…

    posted and shared:

    Man Arrested for Bomb Plot Was in US on Expired Visa:

    Man Arrested for Bomb Plot Was in US on Expired Visa
      by Tony Lee 9 Apr 2014  A Moroccan national was arrested on Monday for planning to bomb a U.S. university and federal building. On the basis o…
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