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President Obama needs to be impeached as a traitor for breaking his oath of office to "PRESERVE, protect, and defend the United States Constitution" (Emphasis added), in unconstitutionally expanding his presidency via Executive Orders, and in adhering to, aiding and abetting the enemies of this country by using taxpayer money to finance the Muslim Brotherhood and install a Shariah-compliant socialist agenda. Also and in the alternative, President Obama is not a natural born citizen (or even native born) and, according to the United States Constitution, he is not eligible to be the president.  We the People need to demand that Congress impeach Mr. Obama, restore the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land and reset presidential authority to its Constitutional limits.

https://petitions.whitehouse. gov/petition/impeach- president-obama-high-crimes- fraud-and-treason-and-because- he-ineligible-be-president/ JtXtfhR5

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  • Congress do your job!!! IMPEACH ARREST OBAMA & ALL OF HIS COHORTS!!! Put them on trial before a court of law and then execute them by firing squad!!! May The Lord Jesus Save America & Israel!!!

  • I don't mean to sound negative here, but you can send all of the petitions, emails and faxes you wish and not the first single thing will happen. The reason I say this, we have been doing all of these for the past several years and there is no one in the government who can read or who cares! I believe the SOB should be tried for treason also, along with most of the senate, half of the house and all of the wh staff. Include with these traitors a good portion of the supreme court and the military upper echelon and we have made a start. Do I believe this will ever happen. No, and without hesitation!

    Semper Fidelis and may God forgive we Americans.
    • Totally true and we note that no matter how many innocent are killed by radical religious groups in the Muslim faith, the Liberal media will give little or no outcry! It seems we are between a rock and a hard place in many directions. We cannot trust the Liberal media and basically never could. I saw FBI files released on the Bobby and JFK assassinations. One was a video with Oswald working out with known MOB thugs in the South. The other was a wire tap that we hear Detroit speaking to that MOB. It said, "Get the head and you get the tail" Take out JFK and Bobby will be replaced. It did not work so both were killed. The Liberal media turned JFK and Bobby into anti-feminist corrupt husbands and pointed to Marrlyn (sp) Monroe. I thought something was bad, according to them if there was no consent given? It was her choice in all areas including committing suicide! But blame men that will be men! The CIA never reported that Oswald had met with Ruby 2x, but the FBI releases gave this fact. I was in high school when these shootings occurred and thought there is something fishy that we are not getting any real facts on this. That was 1963. Just like in Germany, our Liberal media is systematically destroying our rights by a step by step process. Look how far we have got off base in the last 45 years! Citizens are supporting things that once were considered the worse of things. Navy... 65-67 

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