Creeping Sharia

Stop It!!! Get involved on local level. I will be attending a GOP forum for local candidates in my area running for TX Senator, House and Judges. I can assure you I will go face-to-face with each one asking them: "What do you know about Sharia Law?".  Had a woman running for judge that gave me her card...I asked her "I have one question for you....& how you answer that question will depend on whether or not you'll get my vote".  When I asked her that question, she shrugged her shoulders & admitted she didn't know anything about sharia law. "I'm sorry, you are running for judge in a federal court & don't know about sharia law..I cannot vote for you". ..& gave her back her card. I emailed a candidate running in my district for TX Senate, gave the same approach......he emailed back documenting he's well informed...& have since met him in person....recently at a UN-AG21 Sustainable Developement where they (AG21 people) are trying to implement in local communities (We shut down their presentation..they couldn't respond to our questions).

Back to Sharia.....make appointment, or call, your local State Senator/Rep/Judge candidate...& get the dialogue going......"What do you know about Sharia Law"?  How you answer that question will determine if you'll get my vote". If they don't tell you that Sharia is NOT compatible with U.S. Constitution....then: "sorry, can't vote for you".

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