This group will focus on Sharia Law that is slowly entering the United States. It will also focus on things going on in the Middle East as well

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Sharia Law in the United States and around the world

Everything I learned about Islam, Jihad and Sharia, I learned on 9-11

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  • I am gathering people from around our great land to pray before we act. I know that we all have ideas of what we want to happen. I believe that so much needs to go into saving this great country and our sovereign states. That is why we need to pray before we act. Our live prayers are every Sundays at 8:30 Easter time. We will be having a special prayer on Wednesday, 8:30 pm, Eastern because of the inauguration. Our YouTube channel is, Living Tree. Look up the video "Creek" and we will pop up. Blessings. Let's do this together, led by the hands of God's mercy and strength.
  • James Holmes 2 SC Aurora Shooter Now a Muslim

    James Holmes, the gunman who massacred 12 people and left 58 others wounded in Aurora, Colorado last July 20, has decided he is now a Muslim so he can justify his barbarous assault. One prison source said, “He has brainwashed himself into believing he was on his own personal jihad and that his victims were infidels.”

    Holmes now prays five times a day, eats a strictly Muslim diet and has grown a thick beard. He also takes hours every day to study the Koran.

     Read More at . By William Bigelow.

  • It will be very interesting to see what kind of spin and smoke the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton puts on the whole Benghazi Gate cluster f___ this coming week! I sincerely hope there is no amnesia complications from her stay in the hospital huh?

  • Operation fast and furious when found out was given a cover story of being intended to prove that drug cartels were getting many of their weapons from US gun stores and prove the need for more gun control . That was a lie to cover the purpose wich was eoarm muslim terrorists waiting in Mexico to get arms BEFORE CROSSING into the vUS to find their vway to mosques ( now 2500 in the country ) and illegal paramilitary training camps ( 35 known and probably more ) throughout the US from Canada to Mexico . These are armory's and armed encampments the FBI knows about many of them and sit's on it's thumbs doing nothing . Makes you wonder HOW DEEP IS THE INFILTRATION ?


  • There has been a 60 % increase in Saudi immigration since 2010 .I hope I'm not wasting my time revealing something that you all already know .

      When oh'bummer immigrated to the US he did it as a " foreign " student on a foreign student visa . oh'bummer is a bisexual . When he was at Occidental College he met another homosexual with the name  Muhammed Hamad Chandu or Chandoo . Chandu was a pakistani muslim of the shaia variety the same as the house of Saud or the Saudis . Chandoo and oh'bummer lived together at Eagle Rock CA just outside of LA in Chanddoo's beautiful home . Chandoo and oh'bummer made a trip together to Pakistan which oh'bummer couldn't have made if he had been an American citizen as citizen were forbidden travel to P-istan at that time . The wedding ring that Chandoo gave oh'bummer and which he only took of once so he could use it as a wedding ring when he married the guerilla . The ring is islamic and makes a statement . When they were in Pakistan Chandoo introduced oh'bummer to the house of Saud and the Saudi King has owned him ever since . oh'bummer's future in guaranteed by the King . The King was the very first foreigner that oh'bummer visited after his coronation to reaffirm his loyalty to SAUDI ISLAM . Every policy of the oh'bummer regime has been to further the Kings desire to establish an Islamic world wide Caliphate . Every policy is intended to weaken America and prepare her for an easy takeover byislam . The destruction of the morale and substance of our military , the teaching of islam by the teachers union in our schools and colleges/universities , the infiltration into our miltary and intelligence services , the employment of muslims inhigh level sensitive national security positions , the intentional indebtedness , the militarization of FEMA ,the DHS , The TSA , The creation of his brownshirts under communist union supervisors , The arming of the IRS and the dept of education . All the anti personell hollow point bullets for handgun calibers . ( very expensive bullets for target practice . ) FEMA camps , coffins . Instruction to North Com and drills for crowd control . The only thing left is to disarm the public and the trap is built and set .


  • I saw Fox try to placate the public about the judge who ruled against the person assaulted by the muslim. Seems he had a lot of flimsy excuses about the ruling like no evidence? that's after the muslim admitted to attacking the person in court?

    Whats next shootings,rapes,bombings???? And not guilty verdicts? We have to get ready, this won't stop, they intend to overthrow America before it's all said and done.

  • As I was reading it began to dawn in that section of my mind dedicated to preserving our constitution and with special emphasis on the 2nd amendment .

      You /I/WE ned to be aware that the countries/nations in Europe that are being overun by muslims are countries that do not have a right to bera arms and that the public has been disarmed . There is no muslim/islamic problem in Switzerland . Check the public arms laws in Switzerland and and you will understand that islam is never going to make Switzerland a part of their islamic caliphate . Thet know it and they wont even try until they own the rest of the world.

      oh'bummer has increased muslim  immigration into the disUnited States since the first days of his usurped presidency . There are now over 2,500 mosques in OUR country . Everywhere there are mosques there a storage places for smuggled arms and some mosques have been raided and arms found . There are at least ( last known count ) 35 paramilitary training camps in rural areas around the country in strategic places . Many of our convenience stores and gas stations are owned by muslims on or near major roads . CONNECTED  THE DOTS brothers and sisters . oh'bummer is putting pressure on disarming Americans attempting to bypass the constition by joing in a treaty with the UN to control  arms production and sales . Soros has bought several gun manufacturing companies . Soros has bought lots of farmland and oh'bummer has taken more land under government control . WE ARE BEING PUT INTO A BOX and the walls get deeper and tha area gets smaller every day . This state changes of their constitution making the practice of sharia law / islm illegal can either stop all this or at least bring the painful boil to a head so that it can be lanced and healed .This nation that we love is in extremis ( EXTREME DANGER ). oh'bummers justice department is trying to make things difficult for American gun owners while they ignore gun smuggling coming into the disUnited states going to islamic training camps and being stored in mosques waiting for their day of action . WAKE UP AND  MAKE SHARIA LAW ILLEGAL AND THE PRACTICE OF ISLAMIC WORSHIP ILLEGAL AS IT IS IN VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION ! DOn't expect that our national government will do it THEY WON'T . THEY ARE OUR NATIONS MOST DANGEROUS DOMESTIC ENEMY . The one we took an oath to defend our constitution against .

  • I hear war drums in the distance . If don't hear them you'd best get your hearing checked .

  • Published February 15, 2012
    A Colorado high school student says he quit the school choir after an Islamic song containing the lyric "there is no truth except Allah" made it into the repertoire. James Harper, a senior at Grand Junction High School in Grand Junction, put his objection to singing "Zikr," a song written by Indian composer A.R. Rahman, in an email to Mesa County School District 51 officials. When the school stood by choir director Marcia Wieland's selection, Harper said, he quit.
    "I don’t want to come across as a bigot or a racist, but I really don’t feel it is appropriate for students in a public high school to be singing an Islamic worship song,” Harper told KREX-TV. "This is worshipping another God, and even worshipping another prophet ... I think there would be a lot of outrage if we made a Muslim choir say Jesus Christ is the only truth."
    But district spokesman Jeff Kirtland defended the decision to include the song.
    "Choral music is often devoted to religious themes. ... This is not a case where the school is endorsing or promoting any particular religion or other non-educational agenda. The song was chosen because its rhythms and other qualities would provide an opportunity to exhibit the musical talent and skills of the group in competition, not because of its religious message or lyrics," Kirtland told in an email while noting that the choir "is a voluntary, after-school activity."
    "Students are not required to participate, and receive no academic credit for doing so," he said.

    At an upcoming concert, the choir is scheduled to sing an Irish folk song and an Christian song titled "Prayer of the Children," in addition to the song by Rahman.
    "The teacher consulted with students and asked each of them to review an online performance of the selection with their parents before making the decision to perform the piece," Kirtland said, and members who object to the religious content of musical selections aren't required to sing them.
    Rahman, who has sold hundreds of millions of records and is well-known in his homeland, has said the song is not intended for a worship ceremony. He told in a written statement that the song, composed for the move "Bose, the Forgotten Hero," is about "self-healing and spirituality."
    "It is unfortunate that the student in Colorado misinterpreted the intention of the song," Rahman said. "I have long celebrated the commonalities of humanity and try to share and receive things in this way. While I respect his decision for opting out, this incident is an example of why we need further cultural education through music.”
    The song is written in Urdu, but one verse translates to "There is no truth except Allah" and "Allah is the only eternal and immortal." Although the choir sang the original version, Wieland distributed translated lyrics.
    Grand Junction High School Principal Jon Bilbo referred questions to Kirtland.'s Joshua Rhett Miller contributed to this story.
    Read more:

  • Thank you Carol. I signed the petition as well as a couple of other petitions while I was there. We have to stop Sharia law no matter what it takes.

    Joel - I am also a member of ACT. I think everyone should join so we can all help to expose Sharia for what it is...evil.

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