Since the Coronavirus is being made into a political issue by the demonic Democrats, we are adding a group so you can discuss it here rather than on the front pages. Please feel free to share discussions and information that you have to the group.

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President Trump on the Virus

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    Another member sent me this:


  • Breitbart is one of the conservative news publishers that I follow and feel is relatively dependable. 

  • That is good news "providing" China is being "truthful" and it remains to be seen, certainly.  Of course, the lamestream media propaganda machine is NOT reporting this; frankly, I do not remember a time when they ever reported "good news", unless it was something good in a foreign country, but even then, they would manage to spin a negative.

  • Here is a link to another article talking about the virus reaching its peak in China

    China Orders Wuhan Residents to Get Back to Work

    You will not hear about it from our Burn America FAKE NEWS MSM

    China Orders Wuhan Residents to Get Back to Work
    Various industries in the Chinese city of Wuhan were reportedly told by officials to go back to work on Wednesday.
  • In Responce to June Gagnon.  I wont admit it but so am I. My Grandparents had a small cabin without any running water up in the mountains of Colorado.  Didn't have a water heater or furnace either.

  • In an article from Western Journal I found this article on the “sharp decrease” of the virus infection.  I had several articles earlier this morning on the same thing and have been wondering when I would hear it from our “Fake News” MSM fire staring enemies of not only POTUS but of the American People. Click link for complete article.

    Dick Morris: Coronavirus Under Control in China - At Last!

    By Dick Morris 

    Published March 12, 2020

    For some reason, this hasn’t been reported widely in the U.S., but China has experienced a sharp decrease in coronavirus infections.

    According to the Financial Times of March 11, China “reported just 19 cases on Tuesday, down from several hundred two weeks ago and the lowest official number since the start of nationwide reporting in January.”

    The announcement, the first break in the virus’ spread, came out in connection with a visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping to Wuhan, a metropolis of eleven million people where the virus originated.

    Why hasn’t the American media reported this startling development?

    Is good news suddenly verboten in the current era?

    We cannot tell for certain — and I am no scientist — but this good news may herald a shorter duration to the epidemic than has been feared on main street and Wall Street.

    Dick Morris: Coronavirus Under Control in China – At Last!
    We cannot tell for certain, but this good news may herald a shorter duration to the epidemic than has been feared on main street and Wall Street.
  • Hi Joan-Good to see you and will watch for your additional information.  Since you are a nurse, am certain it will be a "good, useful" addition.  I agree with your "toilet paper" comment and that's exactly what I meant when I referred to "panic buying".  Evidently, a lot of folks have some inner fear of being without!  Don't laugh  -I'm old enough to remember the "out house and Sears catalog"!!

  • Thanks for starting this group.  I have much to add but for now I will add only a small comment.  I happen to be on vacation this week I work as a nurse in a nursing home.  I am so very glad I'm off.  I have been to several stores I'm staying home during this vacation. I plan to cook up some special meals.  I have seen the empty shelfs especially of toilet paper which doesn't make sense. I was in a store which caters to South Korean customers and believe it or not the area where they use to have bags of rice was almost empty.  Now I understand the rice  don't understand the toilet paper.

  • Noted a few typos in my message - -please ignore.

  • It's good to see you again; it's been awhile since my last contact with Tea Party members.  The most important adcvice I can offer is "Do NOT panic over coronavirus", but do take a few precautions.  Avoid people who exhibit signs of illness and WASH YOUR HANDS, WASH YOUR HANDS, WASH YOUR HANDS!  Carry hand sanitizer with you at all times, in your purse, backpack, briefcase and your vehicle.  If you've been out shopping, use it before you even buckle up.  Don't hesitate to wipe door, cupboard, drawer and faucet handles with disinfectant wipes, PLUS your cellphone, computer keyboard and mouse, at least once a day.  Do NOT be afraid to use Lysol disinfectant spray on counters and in the air; above all USE COMMON SENSE!  If you work, or school advises "telecommuting" - -by all means do so.  

    It is NOT necessary, nor advisable to start "panic buying" everything under the sun, especially anti-bacterial hand cleaners.  If you can't find any, at your favorite store, make your own, using 91% isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel - -just google the recipe.  When washing your hands, with soap and water, do a thorough job, meaning "twenty seconds in warmest water" you can stand. Best to use paper towels for drying.  Stay healthy, stay safe.

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