“COVID-19 is no excuse for racism, xenophobia, or hate,” Grewal said. “Discrimination and harassment in violation of New Jersey law remains illegal even if it occurs against the backdrop of a global pandemic. Now, more than ever, we should recognize that we’re all in this together. Words and actions that divide us won’t make any of us safer or stronger.”

He is urging citizens to snitch on their fellow man during the coronavirus crisis in case someone’s feelings get hurt.

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  • I'm so sick of this stupid crap.

  • It is amazing with this event (the Chinese Virus), the deep state players or people on the take reveal themselves and it becomes envious.  Note this is an Attorney General therefore his employees are Lawyers.  I wonder how many people in NJ have had fair treatment before they were thrown in jail.  Maybe this is a Soros paid Attorney General.  

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