Since the Coronavirus is being made into a political issue by the demonic Democrats, we are adding a group so you can discuss it here rather than on the front pages. Please feel free to share discussions and information that you have to the group.

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President Trump on the Virus

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  • The ChineseVirus is nasty, I've been fighting with it since April 6th.
  • If the lamestream media propaganda machine would, simply, "stick to facts", instead of letting their imaginations run rampant, to would make all the difference.

    Charlie Kirk on Twitter
    “This media hysteria over China Virus is irresponsible. Disease deaths per day worldwide: COVID-19—56 Seasonal Flu—1,027 Pneumonia—2,216 Tubercu…
  • I heard that in Italy, they have made the decision to stop caring for elderly coronavirus patients and concentrate on caring for younger patients with a better chance of survival, because emergency rooms don't have enough beds. This is what happens with socialized medicine. We don't do that here (unless Democrats get in control again!)

    Coronavirus latest: Intensive care units in Italy urged to STOP treating elderly
    CORONAVIRUS cases have soared in the past 24 hours with doctors warning medics should stop treating the elderly and focus on those with better surviv…

  • All of this gives US even more reason to help President Trump get the wall built "yesterday"!!


    Dee, what the member sent you is about a different strain than what we are seeing now.

  • I think this is funny information.  What has been reported by our Hate America Group Think Fake News is that Iran and Norther Italy both have high mortality rates with this flu. (with both the numbers are declining by the way)

    I couldn't understand why Iran - I know the Chines hate muslims and said maybe they were trying to finish them off but why Norther Italy.

    Well I found out a few days ago. Milan and northern Italy is the center of the fashion industry.  Very Liberal with open borders also Iran deals only with China no one else will deal with them they also have open boarders.  They both still have open boarders to this day.

    All the other countries in that area boarders are close.

    And what do the left in this country want to do-----Open boarders

    Build that Wall Trump

  • Dee- The good news is scientists and researchers are working, double time, to come up with a sure-fire vaccine to combat this and other viruses, as well, and get it accomplished ASAP!  As already indicated, some current vaccines and medications are "helpful", but are not cures.


    Another member sent me this:


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What the MSM isnt Telling You: Trump administration ran pandemic simulation months before coronavirus hit

The Trump administration simulated the ability of the United States to handle a flulike pandemic months before the coronavirus turned the scenario into a reality. The Health and Human Services Department led the exercise, known as the "Crimson Contagion," last year in conjunction with dozens of states and federal agencies, according to the New York Times. HHS also invited charitable groups, insurance companies, and major hospitals to take part in the effort. Former Air Force physician Robert…

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New Jersey Attorney General Threatens Employers with Sanctions If They Allow Workers to Say ‘Chinese Virus’

“COVID-19 is no excuse for racism, xenophobia, or hate,” Grewal said. “Discrimination and harassment in violation of New Jersey law remains illegal even if it occurs against the backdrop of a global pandemic. Now, more than ever, we should recognize that we’re all in this together. Words and actions that divide us won’t make any of us safer or stronger.” He is urging citizens to snitch on their fellow man during the coronavirus crisis in case someone’s feelings get hurt. Hate is contagious,…

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Aide to VP Mike Pence tests positive for coronavirus

Vice President Mike Pence's office disclosed Friday night that one of his aides tested positive for the coronavirus, the first reported case inside the White House. Pence press secretary Katie Miller said officials are trying to track down all people the aide came in contact with but neither the Vice President nor President Trump appeared in any danger. read more:

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WHO Spokesman Destroys False Claims That Trump Rejected Coronavirus Tests

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed the Trump administration refused to get coronavirus testing kits from the World Health Organization. “Look, the World Health Organization offered the testing kits that they have available and to give it to us now. We refused them,” Biden said. “We did not want to buy them. We did not want to get them from them. We wanted to make sure we had our own,” Biden said. However, PolitiFact published a fact check regarding this claim and rated it “Mostly False.”…

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