As a Californian, it is very frustrating to watch this beautiful state go to ruin because it is rife with bleeding heart liberals.  We will probably be the first state to go under, and one has to wonder -- the sooner the better?  Stop the bleeding and knock reality into a state living in Fantasyland.


There was one redeeming fact, though.  On Tuesday, the little known Republican Blakeslee won the Congressional special election in the 15th District over Democrat Laird!!  His margin was not enough for an outright win, so there will be a run-off election in August.


Everyone in the California District 15 -- GET OUT AND VOTE!! Aug 17th
We can do it.


Blakeslee Tops Field in Senate Special Election, But Runoff Looms

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  • Nice work Cathy, I will help with this. Also remember in November - I like Jeff Taylor for Congress in Ca.. I have had extensive conversations with him, and I know he is a good soul. He will not turn on us - a real guy.
    Neil Goldberg Goldberg Over Boxer Campaign
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