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hello im 18 years old and live in bakersfield california i am fairly new to the tea party but i have a questin my religion is orthodox judasim. can i be devout to judasim and the tea party since my religious views arent what ameirca was founded on? thank you for any reply

boruch hashem!

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  • Of course all Americans all races and all religious backgrounds.Tea Party = freedom from government control .Freddie from yolo county
  • I think your religion and views are wonderful.  We all hope you stay strong with America and strong with us. Thank you for your support.





  • well even tho i support america fully i do suport zion for that is the jewish home. but i do support america fully and will do anything for this country
  • Well according to the forefathers, they wanted to put in the constitution that not a single Jew should be allowed to set foot on American soil. You can research this, even though our liberal fringe media would NEVER let you know this but its true. Either way, times have changed and all religions are accepted. Just educate yourself first on Zionists and the liberal agenda to support terrorist acts by Israelis against Palestinians over land  that in all reality wasnt theirs to take considering there is no genetic connection to ancient Israelites of the Bible. As long as you know that there are Jews that are against our cause, just like i am Christian and know that there are alot of Christians against our cause too. When you put race or religion in the mix it starts to categorize people as a whole. Its not about race religion or anything else. Its about Americans who want their constitutional rights back the way they were written.
  • The United States was not founded on religious views.

    We are a Nation of Laws based upon Judeo-Christian Principles.

    So long as you can accept that the best way to treat someone else is they way you would like to be treated and know it is not correct to cause unwarranted harm to anyone else, there should be no problem.

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