• Yep, but our southern border problem is caused by the same shadow folks who caused the Muslim migrant swarm across Europe. Yes, America was having war with African Arab countries, but Trump didn't start them, so who did? Well, we know that answer. We have some extremely wealthy and powerful forces revving up their engines to destroy the only country standing in their way of achieving a one-government world titled the New World Order. Look how effective the Muslim swarms have been in ruining European countries, how they are taking the controls, the violent crime they brought, how these EU countries' own governments passed laws against citizens protesting the Muslims. How do you think they all seemed to create those similar laws?  The United Nations did that, the one entity having full control over which countries would have to accept X-numbers of Muslim "refugees." The same UN that sends Muslim "migrants" to America so they can build mosques everywhere, infiltrate our own governments, create sovereign nations from the neighborhoods they move into, complete with NoGoZone signs. The crash of the countries south of the American/Mexican border is all orchestrated by the same globalist folks. It all all planned for a reason, and that is to undermine the USA.  The coronavirus was created in a bio-lab and sent around the world to cause death and chaos. Bill Gates and George Soros have their names all over this stuff, including the bio-lab in Wuhan, China. And now we have the 5G about to be activated, you know, the thing that when turned on can make the birds fall out of the sky dead? The enormity of all this is mind-boggling. But that's the real of it all. And I've only touched on a part of it. 

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